I had the incredible privilege to meet Leigh Hickombottom at the last show I competed in — the Europa Games in Atlantic City.  She was the head judge for the fitness model competition I competed in (and won!), and I had no idea she was also looking for a cover model for the next issue of her magazine – Shesique – while she was in Atlantic City.

shesique current

I was so stoked that she picked me and am so grateful to have also had the chance to get to know her!  She is a phenomenal person — very encouraging & helpful (especially to me, being a newbie) — and she does great work in the fitness industry and in visiting youth organizations to promote being active!

Check out the current issue of her magazine — there is some GREAT features in it! 



Healthy Recipes —

shesique recipes

Great Leg workout — requiring no weights!

shesique legs

An interview with Nate Jones — Grammy Award Bassist who is also a fitness fanatic!

shesique nate

And an interview with me! 🙂

shesique she conf

Hope you all have a chance to check out this great magazine & have a great DAY!!!!


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