F.I.T. Book Review

“It’s been 3weeks since I have interviewed Kim Dolan Leto and also picked up her book. I have been a Christian my entire life, but she has completely changed my outlook on life & fitness. I train for NPC shows and was trying to do everything the way that it’s ‘supposed to be done’, which is effective, but it wasn’t right for me. As I started F.I.T. I began to give my fitness and diet up to God (which was new to me) & have followed the leading he’s given me in how I format my workouts, eating schedule, and cheat meals (these have always been a challenge for me as I tend to go overboard). I listen to only Christian music now in my workouts & the car. Also, I now look at myself in the mirror and pick out things I LIKE! Instead of tearing myself apart. Furthermore, I am newly committed to knocking out my ‘power hours’ in the morning.

Since applying these, my Godfidence has skyrocketed! I am happier, have more energy, much better workouts, and have more time with my husband 💞

AND I am so excited because I feel like my workout schedule is something now that is sustainable so I can get the physique I want, and keep improving for life (which has been a LONGtime goal I’ve had since I was in college).
I HIGHLY recommend Kim’s book & also reading her interview she graciously took time to do with me on FitnessRXWomen’s site. I am so overjoyed that God blessed me with Kim’s ministry and really believe God can use it in your life as well “💞



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