Playing a little catch-up here to catch my Blog up with my instagram recipes! So this is a 4-for-1 of my favorite cookies the past few weeks as I’ve started my IIFYM journey!

All my recipes are gluten free…. AND they can be made completely vegan/dairy free by using a vegan protein powder and dairy-free chocolate chips…

Doozies — These are really SOFT cookies but a little crunchy on the outside! The macros are AMAZING! I love these!

M&M Choc-PB Cookies — not super sweet,  but great macros… fun way to use M&M’s!


These were the cookies I made for thanksgiving!  They WENT fast! Everyone seemed to enjoy them from my vegan sister-in-law, type 1 diabetic nephew, and the ‘regular’ people 🙂


These are one of my favorites — they are a little dry, but when I add them to my protein ice cream, they are awesome….


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