How I Realized IIFYM Really Worked

These are a few of the interviews I did for FitnessRXwomen with women who use IIFYM and are also in incredible shape — and maintain it throughout their year, without working out crazily… Most of them actually work out just 60-90minutes a day!  After  doing these articles/interviews, I began to try out IIFYM myself and then jumped into it this past fall.

My FAVORITE article was with my now coach, Amber Dawn Orton, and her husband Brandan.  You can find it HERE.

She shared a reverse diet transformation with me where her client INCREASED her daily carbs/calories and LOST weight to reach a maintainable lean physique that can be sustained all year! This is what I wanted.  I also had the chance to email a little with Amber during the interview process, and even after I sent her a couple emails — her story really resonated with me (coming from a restrictive eating/binge pattern), and she was very responsive to each of my emails and quick.  She gave me the confidence to step away from the restrictive diet plans/extreme workout plans I was doing and step into a lifestyle that I ENJOYed and could sustain — her macro-approach is one that I believed I could do as a lifestyle & I trusted her that she would help me achieve my goal of maintaining and keeping a lean physique while also improving my strength for running.


Here are a few more articles/interviews I did that were really inspiring and informative about the IIFYM Lifestyle:


Since Beginning this IIFYM journey, I have realized that I can stay in shape eating all the variety of foods I want — you can read a little more about that here — and with working out 5-6 times a week for just 60-90minutes a day.  I am really enjoying being able to be creative in the kitchen again with baking and am excited to share this journey & easy recipes on the blog and on IG @RebekahKFit as I go along.  My goal is to maintain my current weight/conditioning level while increasing my caloric intake via a reverse diet, and also improving my running speed and overall strength.




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