Handling Hunger & Week 9 Reverse Update

Since beginning the reverse diet, my weight has gone down 4lbs. My daily protein has increased by 5g, carbs by 95g, and fats by 13grams.  


This week, there were 2 big learning moments 

1) I took 3rest/recovery days this week & my weight actually went down as I utilized my “rest day” macros from my coach. Rest day macros are lower carb, higher fat than workout days (also a little lower in calories). Having this set of macros helps me feel good about taking rest/recovery days 

2) I used a new strategy that was Effective in handling days when I was above-average hungry.  

 This is an entry from my food journal this past Thursday: 

 “I was Very hungry today. Went way over my refeed macros today (1000kcals over)…. I’m not sure if that counts as a binge or not- I do know I was consciously choosing to eat more food due to hunger versus craving bc I questioned myself each time I made a new plate of food. I ate until I was satisfied but not overstuffed. I don’t feel guilty. I wasn’t chucking food down the garbage disposal, afraid that I’d eat it if I didn’t get rid of it. I am glad I tracked it all because I could tell when I was “not hungry” because I didn’t want to have the hassle of logging more food if I didn’t need it.”

I used to be a binge eater. I used to be scared of keeping trigger foods in my house. I used to be scared of myself.  With food,  I’d restrict-restrict-restrict & then have 1-2nights a week where I would eat uncontrollably. Then I’d feel guilty, and decide I needed to restrict better. I Thought I was aiming for health with the diet I’d try to stick to, but it was doing the opposite.  

With utilizing IIFYM, I have developed a whole new relationship with food. A healthy one. I’m not afraid of foods or myself anymore.

I still have days where I am just very Hungry (as I was this past Thursday) & am learning How to handle those days.  

I need to back track a little to explain.  In prep for my NPC show, I was doing a low carb/calorie diet and would have 1-2 “cheat meals” a week. I approximate these were 1200-1500kcals.  This was normal for me in a show prep, unfortunately.  Coming out of my last show, I started training with Amber Fokken (ADOFITNESS) and doing a reverse diet with her.  Although my calories are closer to a regular range for someone of my height/weight, I still have days where I am very hungry and my body just Needs food.  

This past thanksgiving, I had one of those days. I went way over my macros. I actually did well during the day, but got home and ended up eating a lot more. Partly from hunger, but it also turned into a “wanting to feel stuffed” eating-fest. Ugh.  I didn’t track it but approximated my damage when I told my coach about it.  I wasn’t sure how to deal with that feeling of hunger when I needed more food beyond the macros in my plan. I did know I overate because the next morning I was feeling full still. 

So Amber and I decided that the next time it happens, I should track it just to know how much I was over. 

Since thanksgiving (2weeks), I hadn’t experienced that hunger-feeling again. Until this past Thursday.  I hit my macros but needed to keep going. Tracking my macros really helped! Because I was logging everything, I was also being really mindful of what I was eating. When I was too lazy to track food, I knew I was not hungry anymore. So I did go 1000kcal over, but I wasn’t stuffed and the next day I wasn’t still full.  

So tracking an overage is a really good solution for me to use.  I really hope I don’t have to face this type of situation again– with the reverse, I think my body/training/diet is becoming more balanced so less pre-disposed to these days of HUngerness.  However I am relieved to have a strategy if I do have a day like this again.  When I go untracked, I keep eating until I’m satisfied then eat even more.  With tracking, I eat until my hunger is satisfied and stop! :). 

Another reflection of my body needing the food (IMO) was what the scale did. From Thursday morning to Friday, my weight went up 4.5lbs. By Sunday , my weight had gone down  5.5lbs from Friday’s.  (so 1lb net loss) 


So in sum—> rest is good & tracking an overage keeps it under control and keeps me mindful of hunger vs cravings. 

As a health teacher, trainer, nutrition coach, I have held back sharing this because I felt a need to appear I had it all together. But I have been inspired so much by my coach and several others who were open about their struggles that I want to share my journey in hopes it will inspire others to find a healthy, sustainable fitness/diet plan. 


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