Mental Transformation 

These are gifts from my students 💙 

The last 3 years, I have either given or thrown away most of the Christmas gifts I have received from students because they weren’t allowed on my meal plan – and technically not even in my “cheat meals” ….. 
One of the biggest transformations I’ve had in the past few months is no longer seeing foods as good or bad. I have become fluent in #iifym — meaning the way I see foods now is by their nutritional profile. Two of these dark chocolate truffles fit easily into my macros tonight as 1p 10.4c 6f. 

 Counting macros does take a little more math during the days than a meal plan, but the trade off (for me) of getting to pick the foods I want to fill my daily macros with FAR outweighs being told what to eat each day of the month. 

Both ways (meal plan & macros) work to help accomplish a fitness goal, but finding IIFYM & has really been life-changing for me. I don’t mean that as an exaggeration either. 

 I’m not perfect (I messed up bad yesterday actually), but having a coach who helps me analyze WHY I messed up, helps me get back on track , & helps me keep progressing in using macros while reverse-dieting has helped heal me psychologically& physically.

 As bad as it sounds, I used to think I was better than other people at nutrition by following a strict meal plan or adhering to certain food rules. When I saw other people break them, I felt better about myself. When I broke the rules, I’d feel tremendously guilty. I was very stressed out by food. Now, I don’t judge food or others’ food. I see food as sources of macros. I feel bad when others think they have to avoid candy or “bad” food to achieve their goals. But that is because I was stuck in that mindset for so long. 

Having a coach work w/me 1-on-1 has been something I don’t take for granted. Food issues aren’t the biggest thing on earth, but taking care of myself means I am doing the best I can to prevent health issues in the future— which means that I am able to do what God put me on earth to do w/out the stress of food/wellness issues. 

So while it might not be the biggest deal, finding a nutrition plan that fits my lifestyle, & is sustainable & maintainable for life (meaning I enjoy it & get the results I want) is worthwhile for peace (not stressed about what foods are good/bad) & purpose. Feeling confident in my own skin helps me want others to feel the same. It’s puts me in a mental-spot where I take focus off myself, & focus on God & helping others. 💞 

Truffles on Protein ice cream


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