Reverse Diet, Chocolate, Marathon Training plan

12/18 – Week 10 of #reversediet completed ✅


➖Week 1 —> 129.4lbs , Macros were 140p/100c/30f ➖

➖Week 11 —> 124.2lbs, macros 145p/195c/48f ➖

(Macros are my workout day macros, which I use most days. Amber also sends me a set for rest days (lower carb, higher fat) and refeed (high carb/fat) days). My macros change each week based on the progress I’m making.


I’m sharing these macros to show the progress of the reverse — macros are personalized for me from my coach Amber Fokken … I started with Amber after completing an NPC show, where my macros were very low. And Amber has been working with me to increase my macros gradually back up to a healthy & sustainable level. With the gradual increase in macros, my metabolism also increases each week to handle the additional calories so I don’t gain weight as we add macros back in! 😀

For those curious of what a reverse diet is fully defined–

That being said, this week was Not optimal. I messed up terribly on my refeed day, going way over AGAIN 🙈👎🏼.  I think I’ve only done 1 refeed day correctly. So that has been a stumbling block each week. But I think this week will be better ! I also had another “off-ish” day where I went over in carbs.

I’m not happy about it. I want to give myself the best chance to succeed in maintaining my running weight as we add calories back in, so screw ups like this week are not acceptable to me…But there’s nothing I can do about those days now. I didn’t fall off the wagon which is a huge improvement of what I used to do in the past. I am learning from the mistakes & share them with my coach — so we can move on & improve this week!

I was really excited this week to get to enjoy homemade sweet treats from my students.  To enter them into my.macros app, I just weighed out my portions and put them in as chocolate. It seemed to work well. I figured it was close enough.


My goal is to keep adding strength, stay healthy & maintain my “look” as I begin training for a marathon this spring. My marathon PR was 3:12 a few years ago, so it’s a tough goal to set, but I’m going to go for it at the shamrock marathon this spring. I haven’t signed up yet so I can always fall back to the half if it gets to be too much. I think I’ll know by mid -January.

I’ll be using the CARVE “runner’s program”, but making my long runs a little longer on the weekends 🙂 My long run will be whatever is on schedule with the RVA Road Runners Winter ❄️ Training team.  I plan to keep my mileage to 45-55miles a week. I’ve  been maintaining 40-50 since my half marathon a month ago.  I’ve also been thinking about actually limiting my Time running each week. That way, if I get faster my mileage will increase naturally.  Or using a combo of both to make the training sustainable for me.


For now, Here is my current plan of what I’m thinking for my training miles and/or time :

  • Sat: Long Run (10-20miles)
  • Sun: Carve lift & 5-8mi (45-60min)
  • Mon: 6-12miles
  • Tues: carve lift & 5-8mi (45-60min)
  • Wed: 4-10mi
  • Thurs: carve lift & 5-8mi (45-60min)
  • Fri: recovery day

I like to have a plan, but also know I’ll need to adapt based on weather. I’d prefer to do the Mon/Wed runs outside vs a treadmill.

My goal for Sat/Mon/Wed is to equate to 30miles. So on the weekends where the long runs with the group are longer, the mon/wed runs will be a little shorter. I think that will help me stay balanced and prevent overtraining injuries.

Doing the long runs with a group is a lot of fun And inspired me to go for the full marathon 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️


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