Devotion Protein

Got in a shipment of Devotion Nutrition. 🙂

1 scoop of Devotion Protein is 100kcal (20g protein, 3G carb, 1.5g fat)

Their protein is designed to be made into ice cream fluff! :). All you have to do is add in 2c ice and 1 cup water 💦 to 1 scoop protein… I also add in 1/8th tsp guar gum to make it a bit creamier for my personal preference:).

I topped it with 3 of my blueberry donuts!

The macros for both are:

Perfect post-run meal!

I also took a couple dollops of the fluff to make my tea into a tea latte! That gingerbread spice tea is awesome!

I actually had the chance to interview the founders of Devotion– Gina Aliotti and Dana Kaye – for fitnessrxwomen a few months ago. Both of them are incredibly inspiring and have poured out their heart and soul into their company’s products.  Check out the interview here!

After the interview, Gina & Dana were super sweet & sent me a hat which I LOvE! So of course I had to wear it today to match my food! 🙂

The ice cream you can see if very creamy ! Lol

They also sell the hats and have tank tops on their site as well– Devotion Nutrition



3 thoughts on “Devotion Protein

  1. Hi, I noticed you count macros..i’ve been attempting to count mine for the last few weeks but i’m not sure if I have them figured out correctly. How do you find the macros fit for you? Would you suggest consulting a dietician?


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