Donuts x 3 , 40kcal each

Well it’s Christmas 🎄 break! And I’m obsessed with making donuts 🍩 apparently!  Here’s 2 recipes I made up today that came out great !!

For both recipes, I just weighed out the dry ingredients (in the photos) & added enough water to make them into a dough! Then pressed into the donut maker to cook them. They took about 4-5min total 😄.

These ones I used coconut flour and Lions Choice White Choc pretzel mix. It made 3 donuts — all 3 totaled 125 calories.

For this mix, I used coconut flour again (I love it bc it makes the baked good fluffier and adds FIBER!) & the lions choice vanilla cupcake Muffin mix … these ones turned out a little doughier than the above ones and it made 2 for 80kcal total! :).

3rd batch was made because I got a delivery from lions Pack! Choc Chip cookie dough Muffin mix

And samoa edible cookie dough!!

I made up 2 donuts (using same recipe as I did with the vanilla cupcake Muffin mix above). And topped each donut with 1/2tbsp (7g) of the cookie dough —- both are excellent!!!! And great macros!

And I added it to some protein fluff for my last meal today 💞


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