Reverse dieting Transformation 

After completing my show this past October, I was at a point where I no longer wanted to compete but wanted to keep the Physique I’d worked so hard for. About 2 weeks before the show, I hired Amber Fokken of ADOFitness to help me do a reverse diet after my show.

Simply put a reverse diet is: to slowly add calories at the end of a diet, usually with the primary purpose of maintaining your new physique and not gaining body fat.”

I had heard about this technique from Amber when I interviewed her and her husband for Fitnessrxwomen and she shared this transformation with me

This is what I knew I wanted to do.  I was finally at a point where I was happy with my size, but the amount of calories and macros I was using was NOT sustainable.

At the time of my show, I was following a normal prep diet — 1100-1200kcals and low carb. I’m currently eating about 1800kcals a day and over 200g carbs a day. I’m hesitant to get too excited bc this is just 10weeks in.  When I’m 5years in & still maintaining would be the time to be excited.

This picture is October 16th to December 18th (10weeks).  I’ve so far gone from 129.4lbs to 124.2lbs.  Workouts have been the same for the most part pre/post show. 

I am really impressed with reverse dieting though — it’s one of those things that makes sense logically, but it’s really hard to believe that I’m eating so much more & getting/staying lean. My workouts are pretty much the same (I’ve been using the Carve program the past 10weeks) as they were before the NPC show.

These are some great resources on reverse dieting– more of the science behind it, why it works, and how to do one:

If this is something you’re really looking to do and are unfamiliar with it, I would definitely recommend getting a coach to help you. I am certified in personal training & nutrition & have a degree in kinesiology, and I just knew I needed someone with experience for accountability and help with structuring my reverse plan.  It wasn’t something I wanted to tinker around with.

I will keep posting my progress on IG @RebekahKFit and here at times :).



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