2-Ingredient Vegan Cookie Dough Balls & GF Waffles

2 recipes! Can you tell I’m on Christmas break? 😂 Back to real life on Monday, so I’m logging these tonight ! Both of these recipes are just 2 ingredients and gluten free... and take approximately 5min to make. The cookie dough balls are also vegan.

Waffle Ingredients/Recipe: 

  • 20g Lions Pack Cookie Dough Muffin Mix
  • 28g (1scoop) Devotion Protein
  • Enough water to make batter
  • Mix and cook in waffle maker!
  • I added it to some of my PES ice cream 🍦
  • Macros listed in last photo

This waffle was really fluffy & I’ll definitely make it again. I also would consider doubling the recipe to make a full Belgian waffle instead of just a half (and take the ice cream out of the meal).

Edible cookie dough balls recipe/ingredients: this makes 16balls

  • 224 grams lions choice cookie dough (16tbsp) rolled into balls of 1tbsp each – it helps to refrigerate these for a couple hours before dipping in the chocolate, but not necessary .
  • 135 grams (9tbsp) enjoy life semi sweet chocolate chips (found at Kroger) – microwave 1 min, stir, repeat until chocolate is melted (I had to microwave 2min total)
  • Dip balls in chocolate
  • Refrigerate until time to eat
  • Macros listed in last photo.

These are a great snack to take to a party 😉 or to keep in the fridge as an easy macro-friendly sweet treat.


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