Devotion Donuts 

Day 2 of Christmas break brought more donut -> 2 ingredient donuts are 27kcal each


& gluten free!

MACROS per Donut: 27kcal: 3.4p 2.1c 0.6f

I used Coconut flour And devotions angel food cake protein

Donut Ingredients (makes 10 donuts):

  • 1.5scoops Devotion protein
  • 28grams coconut flour
  • Enough water to make into a batter where I could spoon out a 1.5-2 tbsp sized spoonful of the mixture & drop it into the donut crevice easily

Directions: Mix ingredients & cook 5min in donut maker. If you use a pan, bake at 325 for approx 10-15min

Macros for all 10 donuts: 266 Calories – 34p 20.5c 6.3f

I topped them with some caramel Walden farms! 🙂

They pair nicely with some PES Protein ice cream (Recipe: 1scoop PES protein + 2c ice + 1cup water + 1/4tsp guar gum + 1/2tsp xanthan gum … And BLEND for 1minute in nutribullet) – – The ice cream Macros are just: 24p 2.8c 1.5f (120kcal) for a 32oz Portion


So Yummy!!

They also Pair well with Halo Top Ice Cream! 🙂

Total macros for A WHOLE Batch of Donuts and 1 serving of Sea Salt Halo Top:

  • 361 Calories – 40p 34c 8f

I love these as a Post Run or Workout Meal!!

Donut Maker: 

Also- I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about my donut maker! I got this one off Amazon for about $35! 



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