Marathon training – lifting, running, food update

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about running & lifting & using macros so I figured with my snow ❄️ day today, I’d share what I do here. It’s not a recommendation for anyone, but it might be a good starting point for someone.

I updated my original post but also wanted a fresh post because my marathon training is starting to take shape. And I think I’ve found the system I’ll be sticking with for the Marathon in 9weeks.

My main goals in training are to 

  • maintain a lean Physique
  • PR (3:12:00 or better) in a marathon & qualify for Boston 2018.
  • More importantly, I want to do this in a sustainable way- a way I feel I can keep up as a lifestyle. I’ve come from a background (the past 10years) of being in an endless cycle of “prepping” for a race or npc show hard core, then not knowing what to do after the race/show. 

So I am really focused on doing something maintainable year round.  — for me, that’s shaping up to be :

  • 45-55miles a week ,
  • lifting 3 days a week (40min each -link below)  and
  •  using a macro approach to food.

Running Training:

I am using this book as a guide:

I’m using the 12-week plan of the middle range mileage— 55-70mpw (miles per week) plan — with a couple modifications.

  • Making my long run day on Saturday (not Sunday) … & basically I use their training weeks but I made up my own calendar for it to fit my schedule — I.e. Instead of doing their M-T-W-Th-f-sat-sun, my mon-sun will be in this order of their days: W-Th-Fri-Sat-M-Sun-Tues … 
  • Using the mileage that my training team is doing on Saturdays versus the mileage In the plan
  • Lessening the mileage by about 10mpw (miles per week) so it’s 45-55mpw (there are several weeks where it hits 56-70miles which my body isn’t ready for & I don’t feel that’s a maintainable amount for me right now)
  • Feeling free to take a day off when needed to rest/recover– listening to my body.

This is my simple running & bible verse of the day calendar– I wrote down the miles from my plan, then write in(if I adjust mileage)  & circle the amount I actually do. And I am keeping track of the verses I make a wordart of (I’m posting 1/day of those on my faith  inspiration IG page: @RebekahKFaith

Lifting workouts:

  • I will be Lifting 💪🏼 3days a week- alternating days ideally. I pair my lifts up with the days of the shorter runs in running plan (my Sunday/Tues/Thurs right now)…
  •  I’m using the CARVE plan for my lifts. These are full body lifts (they include both upper & lower body exercises and incorporate core & plyo work as well).


I’m still working with ADOFITNESS for my diet. I get a set of macros to use each week from my coach Amber. She sends me a set for my workout days, rest days, & a refeed day each week.

  • I use the my.macros plus app to track my macros daily. I’m not one of those people who can run & eat whatever they want & look great– I actually have to keep myself accountable on food in order to have good workouts and get results. 
  • Daily macros are different for everyone – the my.macros app has a calculator you can use to find your own. The app is $2.99 (only 1 payment- not a subscription) and is far better than myfitnesspal in my opinion if you’re serious about hitting your nutrition/fitness goals. 

Workout nutrition: I workout early. I suggest finding what works best for you, but this is what I do & find its working well.  

Lifting days– 

  • Preworkout fuel (while I do my bible study) — 1/2 UCAN rocket fuel 🚀 (1/2scoop ucan + 1/2tbsp MCT oil + water) img_5445img_5453
  •  Go to gym & LiftCarve lift
  • Mid workout fuel — gel/shot blocks — each of these are about 100kcal – all carbs. The Huma is one I’m hoping to like & to use when I’m racing Bc it’s a more natural product causing less of a sugar spike.
  • img_5441
  • img_5455
  • Run – this will be an easy/feel-good pace.
  • Post workout meal/breakfast. -> 25-30% of my daily carb macros & protein.

This system will allow me to hit the weights hard like I like to on the 3 days a week that I lift/run….. I don’t care much about my running those days because I’ve decided that the most important weekly run weekend long run because that one simulates a race day for me. So my focus during the weekly runs and lift/run days is mostly just to hit my miles for that day.  I run by how I feel during the week, keeping an easier (Talkable) pace most days.

Running/Long run days :

2-3 days a week I will be doing a run of 9-20miles. For those days:

  • Pre-run rocket fuel 🚀 (ps I Prefer to blend this to get the froth on top,  but you can also mix the ingredients and shake it if you have people still sleeping in the house 😉)


Macros for it:

If the run goes beyond 15miles (2hours), I’m also planning to use one of the gels mid-run.  The HUMA chia gel (pic above) was recommended by the same ironman athlete who recommended the ucan/mct 🚀 fuel combo, so I’m going to use that to test out during my longer training runs coming up.  


I’m incorporating several things to make sure my body is able to recover quickly and repair correctly.

  1. Stretching & Using my roller for 10-20min daily – a little after my run and then during the day.  img_5448
  2. Drinking at least a gallon of water a day (I usually hit 1.5gallons) img_5444you can use my code REBEKAH for 10%off your own jughugger
  3.  Using digestive enzymes to help my food breakdown correctly and utilize the nutrients more effectively (code RebekahC10 saves you 10% on these from gains in bulkimg_5456

Bonus tip— 1 way I get water in (especially during the winter is by using tea or mocha flavor bcaas. 

I use the water from my gallon to make hot water to mix with either. The bcaas are just 4kcal a scoop & I find 1 scoop gives me good flavor for about 4-6cups of water. There are additional benefits to bcaa as well (muscle recovery/repair being the most important). 



Happy training everyone!

Example: Today’s run I changed from 14 to 10 miles. 

It’s all about your own goals and what works for you. A mid-week 14miler isn’t something I think is maintainable for a lifestyle for me right now (maybe 1 day it will be!) but 90minutes is :).  I managed to get 10 today, keeping my Heart rate below 145bpm (easyish pace). ❤ 


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