Running Books

  • Advanced Marathoning


8020 Running –– for a runner who wants to run based on time and Heart rate, not mileage.  I still use the principles from this book.  Reading it made me realize that I CAN run easy more days than not and having an awesome pace daily is not something the elite runners do.


David Siik’s Treadmill Workout Book: Great workouts if you get bored on the treadmill!


Hanson’s Method and Jack Daniels Books are also Great — very useful for runners who want an exact plan to follow with pacing guides, mileage, etc.

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3 thoughts on “Running Books

    1. Hi! I really like the one I’m reading now! They have a plan that is a beginner type of plan. I’m using the intermediate one, and there is also an advanced plan for really high mileage runners. I would recommend that one — I find it really simple and straightforward. The Hanson/Jack Daniels ones are really good but more technical in my opinion.

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