Funfetti Waffles with Butterfinger Spread

Vegan & Gluten free!  Waffles are just 2 ingredients. And great macros 🙌🏼. This was SO good! I didn’t want it to end! I ate it as slowly as I could.

I got some items in that I ordered from the lions Pack — pancake/waffle mixes & protein spreads (flavored nut butters). Someone on IG asked yesterday about why vegan-protein recipes are hard to find. So I wanted to create one to share today!

We have a snow ❄️ day here in Virginia again due to the snowstorm that went through last weekend. Hence a little extra time ;). 

Here are the products I used this morning!

I’ve found that I like the texture of the waffles better when I add coconut flour to my mix. It makes it fluffier!

Waffle recipe (this makes 1/2 a Belgian waffle):

  • 50grams funfetti mix
  • 10g coconut flour
  • Enough water to make a batter
  • Cook in waffle maker !

Macros for recipe:


  • 16g butterfinger protein spread
  • Tbsp of Walden farms syrup


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