Recovery Day, R3 review, & a perfect 2-ingredient funfetti angel foodcake protein waffle

Some weeks I need a full rest day, but most weeks I do a “recovery day” …. basically I get my blood flowing and spend a big chunk of time stretching and self-massaging using my rollers.  This is also part of my pre-race simulation. Saturday mornings I have my long run, so what I do Friday is my “practice” for what I would do the day before a race.

I get up and have some hot tea or water (I use my rest day macros – which basically means I just eliminate the pre/mid-workout foods I typically have), do my bible study, and head to the gym.

At the gym, I start with a super easy cardio or jog (15-30min) to get the blood flowing. This morning I did 2 miles at 6mph.  When the weather is nicer, I’ll just run from home these days. 

After the warm-up, I spend about 30-40minutes rolling and stretching.

  • I started with the R8 roller — see my review & video of how to use it herethis thing is totally worth the investment. A monthly deep tissue massage was costing me $75 for 90min. I can use this daily (it’s $119). 
  • Then I spent 15min stretching. I am currently using the stretching routine from my splits challenge.
  • And then I got to incorporate my new R3 roller (also from roll recovery).

R3 review: 

In addition to using this today, I’ve actually been using this at home each night as well. This is like a deep tissue foot massage. I simply roll it back and forth and then do smaller rolls over the knot I have in my heel (part of the cause of the plantar fasciitis I’m trying to actively get rid of) 
I also used it today as a roller for my Achilles, calf, & piriformis (which gets really tight on me). The piriformis is one muscle my masseuse would spend 15min on during one of our sessions. So this is an awesome supplement I have now to self-massage it. The R3 is just $27.  🙌🏼

Here’s a little video on my use of it today! I also posted this on IG.



  • I will drink about 1.5-2gallons of water today as well.


2-Ingredient funfetti angel foodcake Waffle Breakfast! 

After my gym session, I go home and make some of my perfect waffles!

Today I used:

  • 52g lions Pack funfetti mix with
  • 1scoop devotion protein (angel food cake flavor)
  • just mix with enough water to make a batter consistency and cook in waffle maker!

I topped it with 50g of birthday cake halo top ice cream 😋


Macros for waffle: 

Macros for entire breakfast:


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