GF Protein Waffles & Interval Run 

2 Ingredients, <250 Calories for this Full and Fluffy Belgian Waffle! This might be my All time favorite Waffle recipe as of yet.  I’ve already made it 3 times within the span of 24 hours… They are Pretty perfect as far as texture and for post-workout macros!  And they’re not too high in calories, which leaves room for fun toppings (like ice cream or Peanut butter)..


Here is the base recipe for these waffles! I see myself using this A LOT when my order of Devotion Flex Flavors (zero-calorie stevia flavorings) comes in soon too!


Ingredients & Directions: 

  • Mix together:
  • Cook in waffle maker 5-7minutes (or until done!)

MACROS: 29p 30.8c 1.9f (249kcal) 


TOPPINGS: Top with whatever you want! I used 1/4c blueberries, walden farms caramel syrup, and 70grams of EatEnlightened Sea Salt Caramel Ice cream…because why use butter when you can use ice cream? 🙂


Macros for my entire Breakfast: 36p 52c 3.4f (375Calories)


****It also pairs well with some perfect protein fluff ice cream & Walden farms chocolate sauce! 

Interval Run:

This is a good interval run I’ve used on the treadmill several times!  It’s an 8minute interval. Today I did a 7minute warm-up and then this interval 6 times. I’m going to share the mph I used today, but you can adjust based on your own pace!

  • img_6027 Start at 6mph
  • Increase by .1mph every 20s
  • Keep increasing for 7min up to 8.1mph
  • Hold 8.1mph for 1 minute
  • Go back to 6mph and start again!

This keeps me from getting bored, and I covered about .9miles each interval!  

If you’re interested in my full marathon training plan currently, I shared it here in this post! 


Happy Training Everyone!!!! 🙂 


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