I set up an app today to track my expenses. It’s something I’m not great at, but something I want to get better at. I am going to “manage by monitoring” how I spend with money the same as I do with my macros each day. 

To be frank, I am 32 & have never set up a budget, & it used to completely PETRIFY me. (Still does a little). Entering my expenses is something that I have avoided Bc I didn’t want to face what I spend on each week/month. But I want to change that.  
As I was telling my sister & husband about my new IIFYB (if if fits your budget) app, I realized I Felt EXACTLY the same way about entering my food each day before starting my IIFYM journey➡️ I just didn’t want to face or log the foods I would sneak in during the day, or binge on at night. But I did NOT want to keep on facing a cycle of “saving up all my macros” to get lean & then splurging on all the things I’d deprived myself of & feeling guilty after. 😕 

Facing that fear took courage for me & I’m so grateful I took that leap & committed to measuring/weighing & logging my food each day (no matter how frivolous it seemed). I have become conscious of what I eat, & manage my diet by monitoring/logging everything. It takes a little effort but is well worth it. And the discipline has become such a habit now that it’s a normal part of my day. 💕 

Counting my expenses is the same fear. I’m going to have to enter in each item I spend $ on, even the small things & even the things hat might cause me to go over budget or dip into savings (though I hope I don’t). Over time, I pray that This courage will also turn into a disciplined habit. And that I will become a better steward of money. 🙏🏼💕💰. 

Being willing to face your weaknesses & fears takes courage bc it won’t be easy & will require pinpointing a weakness & make a change. 💞💪🏼💞 

“What it takes to achieve discipline is the willingness to fail. We have to get out of our comfort zones and find the willingness to travel down the rabbit hole of facing why we dislike getting uncomfortable. “- @breakingmuscle 💪🏼💕.  

In facing a fear, we choose to break ourselves down in order to fix what’s wrong under the surface & then work to develop a new disciplined lifestyle. This will start to change the appearance of the surface to one I’m happy & confident with as I am with my health now. And I think it will change the relationship I have with money. My relationship with money is similar to how I was with food before doing macros➡️ restricting hard to save up my income , but then bingeing/rebounding as I came off my “diet” – and when I don’t track/restrict my spending, the money kind of disappears. 😬💸💸💸. And then a wave of guilt rushes over, which starts another cycle of restriction/splurging. Not only did I get sick of this cycle with food, I am at that point with my money too. I’m frustrated at myself with having unhealthy spending/saving habits. 

One of my favorite analogies is of a duck swimming through water ➡️ the duck glides over the water & makes swimming look effortless. All the while it’s feet are moving & taking small “steps” consistently under the surface. I feel it’s very similar for food & money. It’s all the movements & changes that no one else can see that affect what is seen. If a duck has one food not working, it’s just going to keep going in a circle – make a whirlpool – & drown. 🦆 (lol ok I made that up – it’s sounds like it could really happen though!) 

I don’t expect this process to be perfect or pretty, but I do Believe God wants me to be a good steward of what He’s entrusted me with. 🙏🏼. Same as he trusts me with keeping my body healthy too. 

It’s the small steps each day that translates to a different life. And I’m sure I’ll wonder Why I didn’t start sooner. 

I know I’d wished I’d found Macros sooner Bc it has Transformed my life in just a few months. I can’t imagine ever going back to how I used to function. 🙈 

Craig Groeschel hits in disciplines in his book #struggles: 

“A small decision today could even impact your near future. It doesn’t always take a long time to see big differences in your life. What story do you believe God wants you to tell five or ten years from now? What does God want you to want? Take a minute and jot down your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to commit to what you write just yet. Just capture on paper the first thoughts that come to mind.” 

Learning how to track my food & committing to it (even on the days I mess up) has given me the courage and faith to attack another weakness. 

  • Displeasure begets a desire to change. 
  • Desire begets a new discipline. 
  • Discipline begets change. 
  • Changes beget results. 
  • Results beget motivation. 
  • Motivation begets confidence.  
  • Confidence begets courage. 
  • Courage begets faith to tackle a different weakness. 


This is a cycle that causes progress in life. It’s exciting & inspiring & scary. But it’s far better than a cycle that leads to drowning in a whirlpool 😉. 

It’s interesting to me to see this as a result of finding health through IIFYM. I used to try to force myself to budget so I could be better with money. Now I am not forcing this change, it’s a natural growth I feel for me. And I think that putting God first in my day & also not having to focus on (or worry about) my diet/health is allowing my brain/heart the space & energy to attack this weakness.  

Being disciplined is not easy but worth it. Being undisciplined causes regret that far outweighs the cost of discipline. 

#goodnightthoughts 💕🙏🏼💕


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