1-ingredient Mug Cake

Gluten free, 100kcals , 20g protein ! 

My friend Karen just got some Devotion protein samples & was asking if there were any other recipes she could make with it besides pancakes or waffles. And I told her about this recipe. I can’t believe I haven’t shared it sooner! I make one of these everyday for lunch at work. And have it after my huge salad as a “healthy” dessert as a way to hit my protein macros. 

It’s super easy – 1 ingredient! -& tastes delicious 😋 

*note: This recipe will only work with devotion protein — other proteins will not work or will not work as well. 


  • Mix 1 scoop devotion protein with approximately 1/4cup water
  • Optional: add in a devotion flex flavor 
  • Microwave 45-60s
  • Optional: top with almond Butter, syrup, fruit, etc!
  • Enjoy!!

Customize your mug cake with Devotion Zero-calorie flavorings! 


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