Cornbread Protein Waffle

Gluten free, 2ingredients, 250kcal : 30p 30c 2f 

I used to LOVE cornbread! I probably haven’t eaten any in the past 3 years so this recipe makes me really happy! It’s like a sweet savory waffle & great texture.

I found this at Kroger and was inspired ! (Peep Baxter in the background 😂) 

I mixed it with some protein powder : Devotion (amazing for baking!)

And voila! (Ok so this was after 3 tries of different ingredient combos 🙄😂)

These were Fluffy but dense & a little crunchy on the outside 😋 … Awesome texture!  And this also works as a donut recipe too 🙂 — it made 12 mini-donuts for me.  

Recipe & Directions: 

  • 40grams Devotion Protein powder
  • 30grams Hodgson Mill GF Cornbread mix
  • 1/2cup plus 2 TB water
  • Cook in waffle maker (or donut maker) until done!
  • Optional : Top with a little Walden farms syrup or dip in protein ice cream … or do both 🙂


Supplements with meal: 

Since this was my last meal tonight, I also followed it with 2 gains in bulk digestive enzymes & 2 sleep1 pills. Read more about them & get discounts for both here

  • A note On supplements – yes I’m an affiliate for the products I promote in my store,  but I also want to share that I do purchase my own supplements (using my discounts, of course 😉).  So I’m currently not receiving any for free to promote here. If you have any questions about the supplements I use, I tried to address those on the “my store” page, but you can also email me to ask! :).



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