Post- LongRun Waffle 

This waffle is just 226kcal, 2-ingredients & the perfect mix of warm & fluffy with a little crisp on the edges.  Topping it with some Eat Enlightened healthy ice cream added a nice creamy and cold texture to it.  

Today started with a long run! I have been running with a group on Saturdays and enjoy that. It seems like we are able to push each other along. Some days feel easy for me and other days are rough and the others are pushing me to keep up with them. Today we did 15miles! 

All of us in this pic are doing different races, have different jobs, & in different places in life…. but it’s so cool to find those with similar goals and prod & cheer each other along :). 

Ok, now to the waffles!  I tweeted at apple that they need to have a waffle (&PB) emoji- they said it might be one in the next update. For now to use this for waffle: 🥞#️⃣ and this for PB: 🥜 🍯. 😂😂. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 they have them in the next update! 

Chocolate chip cookie 🍪 dough 🥞#️⃣ waffle Recipe. Mix:

  • 35g the lions choice cookie dough pancake mix
  • 35g Devotion protein powder
  • Between 1/2-3/4cup water 💦 

Cook in waffle maker! Top with what you want! I topped with 2tbsp Walden farms chocolate syrup and 1/2cup of eat enlightened frozen hot cocoa ice cream :). 

Perfect 🥞#️⃣ after a long run! ❄️🏃🏼‍♀️💞.  

I followed mine with 2 gains in bulk enzymes 😄. (Code RebekahC10 for discount

Happy weekend all! 💕💕💕😄 tag me if you try a recipe from here ! 🙂 


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