Update: 1/2Marathon, Goals, Training Plan, Reverse Diet, Finding Balance

From Full-> Half Marathon

I made a switch in my upcoming race day — from the full marathon back to the half marathon.  Originally I had planned to do the half in March, but decided to go for the full since I was doing the long runs anyhow with my training team.  However, I have decided to drop back to the half today and got my registration transferred (thank you J&A racing!) I don’t see this as a failure to reach a goal – I actually see this as a positive step!  Here is why:

After the initial excitement of deciding to do a full marathon again, I have been dreading the race day the last couple of weeks.  I thought maybe it was just nerves at first, but since that feeling stuck around for longer than a moment, I began to wonder why.  And I realized it’s because (for me) it’s going against what I’m aiming for -> balance and sustainability for the long-term.

There’s a part of me that felt in order to be a “runner”, I needed to be doing full marathons, and I realized this is not true!  It is an awesome goal and I applaud those who are training for one (I’ve done 3 and know the rigors of the training for it)… however, for me, it is not a race that is easy for me to train or plan for.  And I don’t want to plan for a 3-4 hour run.

So, I see this as a positive step for myself – I’m finally letting go of what the “appearance” of a runner is, and just going to train for a race I will enjoy!  This may change in the future, but for now I’m letting go of trying to qualify for Boston and running the 26.2 miles. Since making this decision, I actually feel a load of relief! and feel lighter 🙂

I love my running group and the training plan I’m currently doing (explained below) so I plan to continue what I’m doing with the half marathon (& possibly a photoshoot) in sight for this spring!



  • Run the shamrock half-marathon in 90minutes or less (my Pr is 1:27)
  • maintain a sustainable “fitness model” look for daily life using IIFYM (nutrition explained below)
  • do the splits! (I’m doing a splits challenge this year, which I explained here)
  • Possibly a fitness photoshoot in April for GainsinBulk – for my “athlete page



This will look very similar to what I have been doing! Basically because I LOVE the training I’m doing.  My workouts are approx. 90 minutes a day followed by 10-15min of stretching.  I find this training plan to be very enjoyable for me and sustainable for the long-term. I am still using the CARVE workout plan for runners.


This is my basic week of training – Here’s a Chart for the visual learners (myself included)  which is explained in more detail below:

*I do all 3 parts of the workout at once (90-100min) & in the order of part 1-3



Sunday through Thursday: (workouts are approx 90-100minutes)

  • 3 days of a 40 minute lift (I use the CARVE workouts) followed by a 45-60minute run (6-7miles).
  • 2 days of a EITHER at 90minute run (9-12miles outside) OR a 50-60 minute treadmill run (6-8miles) followed by a 30-40 minute plyometric workout
  •  I also follow my workouts with 10-15 minutes of stretching  and using the roll recovery — detailed here

This is my recovery day, which I explained in my post here.


Saturdays: Long run day of 10-20miles. I’m currently training with a team so I’ll be doing their mileage for that weekend. OR I may do a 60minute (6-8 mile run) plus the CARVE4 workout.

Total Mileage: 30-35miles during the week + the long run = 45-55mpw.

Note on running paces- I run by feel & will be using the treadmill most days. I keep my pace “easy” & occasionally add in intervals if I feel good that day-> 80% of the time approx. will be an easy/talkable pace. I HATE doing speed/track workouts so Part of my reason for now including the plyo work a couple days/week is because I don’t like to do tempo/speed/track workouts on my own during the week.  By including these workouts in liu of a few miles, I get the same interval training effect for my heart & also am working the same fast-twitch muscles (as a track/speed workout would in a typical marathon training plan) . I enjoy doing the plyo workouts as a switch up to running as well.



Over the past 17 weeks, I’ve been going through a reverse diet (explained in this post) with my ADO Fitness Coach Amber.   Myultimate goal is to find a HEALTHY balance where I am eating a sustainable amount of calories, doing a maintainable training plan, and keeping the physique I like.  Over the past 16 weeks, I have lost 5 pounds while gradually INCREASING my calories by nearly 1000/day and Decreasing the amount of working out I am doing to a sustainable level.  (dates in photo go from left to right)


In the past, I have trained to peak (for either a race or NPC show) and this past summer, I’d had enough of being in a constant cycle of train for a goal, accomplish goal, and needing a new training goal to keep going at a hard pace to achieve the physique I liked and felt good/confident in….  Now, there is NOTHING wrong with training to peak, but what I desired was a training and food plan that I could do for my entire life and maintain a “fitness model” type of look.

This past fall I trained to peak for one last NPC show in October (I had already registered), and then joined ADO to start a reverse diet with Amber.  I also began training in September for a November half-marathon.

  • At the time of my “peak week” (left photo below)
    • I was working out 90-120 minutes a day for 7 days a week.
    • My weekly running mileage was at 50-60mpw… and
    • my Macros were 130p/90c/30f (approx. 1150 Calories/day)
    • I achieved the physique I wanted, but this was NOT sustainable.
  • Currently (photo on right below),
    •  I am working out 90-100minutes a day, 5 days a week & then a long run day & a rest/recovery day (workouts detailed below).
    • My weekly running mileage is 45-55mpw …
    •  My Macros are currently at: 145p/255c/57f (2113 Calories/day)

*I am pointing out the mileage because I’ve had a few people comment that I was able to up my calories so much because I’m running — I was actually doing MORE miles/training leading up the NPC show (I have no idea how, now that I look back… lol)


As far as my nutrition before/during workouts, I typically eat 40-50 grams of carbs before my workouts as I do my bible study (I use UCAN & rice cakes for the most part).  And, I typically eat my largest meal post-workout for breakfast — including at least another 40-50grams of carbs plus 30-40grams of protein and some fat.  ** I eat approx. 800-1100 Calories before my lunch break at 1pm.** Then I just try to hit the rest of the macros my coach Amber gives me by the end of the day.  🙂

*I use the my.macros app to track! Best app IMO for macro-tracking.



I am really excited about my goals and plans to reach them 🙂 … I think what I’m really discovering through this process of finding a balanced/maintainable lifestyle and blogging through it that it’s really important to listen to your own body..  I think my fitness journey is a good example of one where I’ve tried to fit into every single mold possible — running, NPC, crossfit, vegan, meal prepper, IIFYM — but have found that ‘labels’ are dangerous for myself.  Whenever I try to be a ‘vegan’ or ‘runner’ or ‘bodybuilder’, I’m often trying to fit myself into a program instead of trying to fit a program to me.  My lifestyle becomes focused on the restrictions and rules instead of enjoying fitness and life.

Over the past 17 weeks, I have been Creating my own program that fits me & my goals. –> It doesn’t really fit any mold, but I love it & love the results of it.  INSTEAD of trying to fit myself into a plan, I’m focusing on building a Plan around my strengths 🙂

If I had to describe it, it would be running/lifting/IIFYM — aka the CARVE “runners” plan! 🙂

It’s funny, but really awesome to me how God works.  The CARVE plan was one I created based on my goal of training for a half this past fall — one that would help me build/maintain muscle but also stay lean.  Instead of trying to sell it, I decided to do what my friend Lacey had done and use it as a way to raise money for a charity — I decided on A21 (org. that helps fight human trafficking).

Proverbs 16:3 -Commit your plans to the Lord, and they will succeed! 

The plan was to just promote it through the month of December, but I love it so much that I keep using it and sharing it.  And, it’s still being used to help raise money for an amazing cause!





5 thoughts on “Update: 1/2Marathon, Goals, Training Plan, Reverse Diet, Finding Balance

  1. Thank you so much for your honest and informative posts. I have a few follow up questions. Do the CARVE or CARVE 2.0 plans require access to a gym or can you do them at home? Also, I am amazing by your reverse diet and its results. I was surprised by how low your calories were when you were competing a few months ago. How were you able to sustain such a low calorie diet while working out and getting fit? I am glad you found this effective way to add calories back in.


    1. Hi! Carve is available with an at home version! Carve2.0 is still in the works but will also have one 🙂
      And I have no idea how I was functioning- it was basically like I just got things done but not much energy/life in them. It’s been great to feel the difference now and others are seeing it too :).


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