FriYAY Funfetti Waffle w/ Chocolate Cupcake Ice Cream, GIB Photoshoot, & Finding my Why

Happy FriYAY!!! I made an awesome Funfetti waffle after my “recovery day” protocol this morning.  And paired it with some Perfect Protein Ice Cream 🙂 … The Bowl of Ice Cream and Waffle were a total of 345 Calories, 56g protein, 20g carbs, and 5g fat.  Gluten free.


The waffle itself is just 226 Calories & was warm, fluffy, and fun 😉 … Just 2 ingredients!


MACROS for waffle: 32p, 17.5c, 3.5f (226kcal) 

While the waffle was cooking, I whipped up some Perfect Protein Ice Cream using PES Chocolate Cupcake protein powder.

I had 2 Gains in Bulk Digestive Enzymes with my meal as well..



Speaking of Gains in Bulk, I have a photoshoot booked with them for April 8th! It’s just 9 weeks away.  With my goal of being in shape all year, I don’t really plan to change anything with my diet (my coach Amber and I have already discussed this and she wants to continue with my reverse diet and will help me look healthy & energized for the shoot).. This will be completely different from any other prep I’ve done for a shoot in the past, so I’m looking forward to it.  One of my goals for this year was to be “booked” for a photoshoot, so I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity with Gains In Bulk and want to be at my absolute BEST.


I’ve put together a CARVE 2.0 program that I am going to be testing out on myself this next couple weeks (I will be posting here and Instagram when it launches), and if I am liking it (& the results), I am going to continue using it to prep for the photoshoot!  The original CARVE program is still available and will continue to be!  I love that program and see myself using it mixed in with the CARVE2.0 in the future.  The 2.0 workouts actually start with CARVE5 since the original program is workouts CARVE1-4 :).

I’m still keeping up with my Splits challenge stretches! I’d LOVE to be able to do one in the photoshoot.  So that is a mini-goal of mine to keep me motivated in my stretching.




Before hitting the gym and waffles today, I spend some time finishing up Priscilla Shirer ‘s 6-week Armor of God Study & making my post on @RebekahKFaith


She left me with a challenge to not say or do anything that originates from a place of insecurity/fear … & to instead rest in my value as a daughter of God. To ask myself (before saying/doing) ➡️ “Am I doing this because I want validation or approval from a person/people or am I doing this from a posture of value & worth in Christ?”

In the past 6weeks of this study, I’ve taken notice of when I do/say something out of insecurity (yet I don’t stop – I still seem to continue doing it🙈), so this challenge seems easy in my head – just to shut up 🙊- but I am realizing that my insecurity of needing to be accepted/liked & have a purpose is stronger than the belief I have that God will complete the good work He began in me in His perfect way.(Phil 1:6).

So my  prayer is that all I do stems from what God puts in me & not from my insecurity of needing validation … to pause when I feel a check✔️ of “you’re about to (or in the middle of ) say/doing something that is from a motivation that is driven by man instead of God. ” And as Priscilla says: “you might be surprised at how quiet you become” 💕

So today is day 1 of FULLY committing to this (bc the half-hearted trying to do it isn’t working … I think about it & then just keep talking 🙄) … so here goes to being ME in Christ! “I am Confident that the Good work God has begun in me will be completed/perfected” – Phil 1:6


Hope you all have a BLESSED friYAY!!!! 



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