Pumpkin protein Donuts & Giving Perfect Gifts Everyday

Just finished up a long run with my running group! And decided to make a friend’s recipe as a post-run meal. 

I modified Emma Beth’s Doozies recipe into 28kcal protein Donuts :). 

I have previously made these as cookies/Doozies. But the donut maker makes them in about 1/3- 1/2 the time as the oven …. so Donuts it was ! 

As they were baking, I also whipped up some perfect PES protein ice cream :). 

Donut Recipe (also works as a cookie) – makes 9 

  • 1/2cup (120g) pumpkin
  • 2scoops (56g) Devotion protein powder
  • 16g (1/2box) of SF pudding mix 
  • 2tbsp Walden farms syrup
  • 1 tsp baking powder 
  • Optional: splash of water (I didn’t need any ) 
  • Put in donut maker and cook 5-7min.  Or bake in oven at 350 10-12min. 

I dipped these into my protein ice cream – yum.  

And had 2 gains in Bulk digestive enzymes with.  

Giving a Perfect Gift

A few years ago I heard a sermon by Craig Groeschel and it has changed my life. His quote was “When you think something good, give life to it”. 

James 1:17 says that “every good & perfect gift comes from above ” – so when we think something good, it’s God giving us a little prod to do His will on earth

Giving “life” to what the good ‘idea’ is can be a word, text, gesture, gift, etc…. And I’m acting upon that thought, we are being the hands & feel & mouth of God – the “salt” or “light” of the earth.  

This concept can actually be a little scary, because it puts us in a spot where we can be ‘rejected’ in a way. (Although a true gift should be given w/out expectation). We can compliment someone or even just smile at them & not receive anything back. Yet, it is no comparison to what God gave us (John 3:16) and the rejection He received/faced. 

I believe that these small acts of goodness (that take just a few minutes) are Big in God’s eyes. These small acts of faith can be used in a great way.  They also help develop our own faith in putting ourselves out there & not knowing how it will be received– we just have to trust that the good thought God gave us is the perfect gift for that person at that time. 

I heard this sermon at a time where I was just starting to date my husband.  I remember a couple days after I’d heard the message (I listen to Craig’s church podcast as I run) , a thought popped in my head of how great I thought Chris (who I had just begun dating) was. Before that week, I would’ve kept that inside & hoped he felt the same. As someone who usually kept her feelings hidden & was incredibly scared of rejection, it was a big step for me to text that thought to Chris. And, you know, he wasn’t turned off by it & didn’t think I was weird. I actually don’t remember what happened after exactly…But I know it was accepted. As a result of that step, it spurred me on to do it more.  To smile more, compliment people (genuinely), text someone how great they are, buy a gift for someone when I think “so-and-so would like that”, etc… It’s not huge things, but the good things that pop in my head, I feel is God giving me a chance to be a light here. Sometimes people stare at me blankly or even ignore it, but most times it can make someone smile or even make his/her day :). 

I think this is the practicality of faith: when God gives you a good idea, do it. Don’t hide it. It’s our chance to show others a glimpse of the same love God showed us when He gave His Son for our sins so we can have eternal life. 

Happy Saturday everyone!! 💕💕

Here’s Bob trying to snag a rice cake from my fluff (my 2nd bowl after the one above with the donuts). 

Anyone else’s cats love rice cakes???


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