Reverse diet update, Training, & Leaving a Legacy 

Reverse Diet update:

So I emailed Amber this morning with my progress pics & was a little down. Then realized about about an hour later how wrong that was. In the past 18weeks, I’ve come really far.

(From NPC Phoenix in October to this morning!)

Here are the stats after 18weeks ➡️ My Weight is down⬇️ 5lbs & calories have ⬆️increased by Over 900/day 😲since starting with Amber (AdoFitness) 😊 in October 2016.

  • Macros: ➖Week 1 of reverse —>   140p/100c/30f (1230kcal) ➖
  • Macros ➖Week 17 —> 145p/265c/57f (2153kcal) ➖

In addition, my energy levels are up & my brain feels like it is going 100mph most days. Like I can’t get things done fast enough.  :).

To be honest, I am FAR from perfect on my macros. I consistently hit my fiber, carbs, & calorie goals. But I have been under in fats and over in proteins most day. I was really careful at the beginning of the reverse to hit them, but now that I have so many macros (yay!), I guess I’ve gotten a little lax.

So I’d give myself a 75%.  So that’s one of the goals I have for this week- hit my fats & proteins (w/in 5grams).

These are some great resources on reverse dieting– more of the science behind it, why it works, and how to do one:

*I highly recommend getting a coach if you are new to macros or reverse dieting.*

Training plan:

In 6weeks, I have a half marathon. In 9, a photoshoot 🙂 So, in addition to the diet changes I need to make, I am also starting a new training program- one that is simpler & will help get me in shape for both! The workouts are something I consider to be sustainable for life.

I’ve been doing the CARVE program for runners for the past 5-6months & love it, but want to lift a little more frequently to help build my physique for the photoshoot. So I’ve designed CARVE 2.0 as a continuation of the original program. The new workouts CARVE5/6/7/8/9 are 30min each & similar to the original CARVE  (CARVE1/2/3/4) workouts in that they are full body & will hit each main muscle group twice a week. The CARVE2.0 workouts additionally include abs & plyos worked into the workout plan (instead of added onto the end).

So here is the current training plan:

  • 5days a week: Carve2.0 Lift plus 45-55min run (75-85min total) plus stretching
  • 1 recovery/rest day
  • 1 long run day (10-15miles)

Total running mileage will be about 40-45miles per week. 

*CARVE2.0 is being beta-tested for now (I have to make sure it works!), and I’m also putting video demos together of each exercise for it. There is also an at-home version included in this one 💪🏼💕*

In the future, I see myself using Both the CARVE original and 2.0 versions.
Leaving a Legacy

One of my new favorite books is called “Favor with Kings” by Caleb Anderson. It’s one of those books I read and keep looking back 1-2x a week at the parts I’ve underlined. It keeps inspiring me. Here’s one of the notes I read today & posted on @RebekahKFaith that I want to share to finish out this post. So much of our time is spent in doing things that aren’t going to matter all that much in the end (like a reverse diet or race or photoshoot) – what lasts is how we make others feel. And how we help/boost them. Yes, taking care of our bodies is important but I’m learning that I’m at my Best when I’m focused on others & on doing something- not worrying about how I look. I love fitness & nutrition, & am enjoying sharing this journey and helping others find health, but it cannot be my sole focus- I’ve been there & it’s a very lonely & unfulfilling & I always felt one step behind. In committing to God & looking for ways to do good, there is Life & purpose.

Favor with Kings quote:


“And that brings us to a major myth in our culture: your legacy is about making a name or fortune for yourself. Legacy is about what you leave behind for others. People who live to boost themselves will continually fight irrelevance and drift quickly into obscurity when they die. People who live to boost others will live on for generations in the lives of the people they loved and served. Legacy is about giving your life away. You can’t take anything with you, but you can leave a legacy behind you. And it’s never too early to start thinking about your own legacy”



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