What I eat in a day

Ok, so I was initially a little scared to post this. Food is pretty personal to me. I eat really weird! And I don’t really have any set meals. I eat when I’m hungry. BUT, I do want to share this as a way to show how awesome macros is! I have some favorite foods I eat daily, and I am a huge VOLUME eater. So I can eat tons of food & still be hungry. Seriously – like 5-10lbs of food is normal for me.  So my motivation in making meals is getting the most volume for my calories.

Here’s a day for me! Keep in mind, I honestly NEVER eat the same exact thing 1 day as I do the next, but this is a pretty typical workout weekday for me 🙂

My current ‘workout day‘ Macros (which I get from my coach Amber of ADOFitness) are: 145g protein, 265 grams carbs, 57g fat (approx. 2153kcals) . With 35-42grams of Fiber.

I use the my.macros app to track all my food — very macro-tracking friendly! (I think you’ll be able to see why by the end of this post) 

  • 4am-ish: wake up & I grab my jug from the fridge.  My jughugger  (blue cover) code is REBEKAH for a discount.  The gallon jug itself is pretty sturdy – it’s actually from bodybuilding.com (one of the free gifts I picked when I ordered my PES ice cream supplies — listed later on here) 


  • Then, I sit down to do my bible study – I just started this Beth Moore “Entrusted” study.  During my bible study, I eat my pre-workout meal.  1 scoop of UCAN mixed with a little water (lemonade flavor shown – I also like chocolate) with 1 plain quaker rice cake. 


  • I share my inspirational quote for the day (from my bible study usually ) on @RebekahKFaith


  • Next (about 5am) I’m off to the gym! My typical routine is to do a 2mile warm-up, the CARVE lift for that day, then 3-4miles after the lift (TOTAL workout time is approx 75-80minutes -> 30minute lift plus 45ish minutes cardio), then I stretch using the splits challenge stretches 🙂


  • When I get home about 715/730am , I ‘prep’  a couple things that freeze/bake while I’m getting ready.  Today I made a rice cake with PB fudge (1 scoop powdered PB mixed with 1.5TBSP coconut oil —-> microwave this then pour over rice cake & freeze).
  • And I also whipped up some Italian Biscotti Devotion donuts (1/2 of my original recipe, with the 0kcal Devotion flex flavor added) — macros for the 5 donuts are: 133kcal, 17p, 10c, 3f (4g fiber)! I must say this flex flavor is probably my favorite with the donuts ! These tasted like biscotti 🙂
  • I head up to get ready — doesn’t take me long bc I know the donuts are cooking ;), & I’m a PE teacher so I’m literally just changing from workout clothes into different workout clothes and throwing some makeup on…… 🙂 –> then I go back down stairs to put my food together for the day:
    • I make some Protein ICE Cream ,
    • pull my rice cake/PB/oil fudge from the freezer,
    • and donuts from the donut maker.
    • And I also make some hot water to add a scoop of O.N. Mocha Cappuccino Aminos too (4kcals)
    • And take a couple of my Gains in Bulk Digestive Enzymes (discount code is RebekahC10)
  • This all goes in my cooler!



  • I also pull my bag of veggies out of the fridge that I packed the night before
    • today is 2 cucumbers, 2 zucchinis, 4 cups of spinach, a couple cups of mushrooms, 1/2 bag of spinach, and a couple heads of romaine 


  • All of this goes into my 6-pack bag to eat through the day.  I eat when I’m hungry.
  • Oh, I also added a slice of cheese! And my “calorie-free honey mustard” ingredients – walden farms syrup & dijon mustard.
  • It ALMOST all fits!


  • Here’s the macros for what’s “in” my cooler (I forgot to add the mushrooms in for this pic.. they’ll be in there for the final total )


  • Sometimes, I’ll try to snap a pic for my blog and/or IG… Here’s how it went this morning! lol.. Bob was jealous


  • 8am – On my way to school/work (I’m a teacher) — I have planning first block so I usually eat a ton as soon as I get there.  Today I had the ice cream, donuts, rice cakes, rice cake fudge, and a cucumber with mustard.  And finished my hot amino drink and a my 1st gallon of water before 2nd block started at 9:50am.  


  • 9:50am — filling up my jug with my ‘bonus’ water ;). I just shoot for 1 gallon/day, but once I make it through a gallon, I usually need another 1/2 gallon for the rest of the day (unless I’m dehydrated for some reason & need more).


  • 11:20am – I have a snack between 2nd & 3rd blocks
    • today was sliced cucumber and mustard


  • 12:50pm – LUNCH – my normal is a bunch of veggies & a mug cake… Today was:
    • Microwaved/steamed spinach and mushrooms I brought to fill in my “lettuce wraps” (1 head of romaine) along with some of the 0kcal ‘honey mustard’
    • Zucchini cheese sandwiches: zucchini sliced, with the cheese slice torn up and placed between slices. Microwave for 1minute.
    • 1-ingredient mug cake: 1.5scoops of Devotion protein powder, 1 packet banana foster Devotion flex flavor (this is optional), and enough water to make a pudding-like batter. Microwave 60-90seconds. 


  • 3pm: I am a Yearbook Club sponsor this year, so we have a meeting after school today.  I sliced up some zucchini to take with me.  Yes, I eat it raw.  I love it 🙂 


  • Throughout the day: I chewed on gum at various times– I do log this (& am trying to cut back) because the amount I chew is significant to my calories & budget … I posted about this here

img_6875-1 img_6869-1

  • 4:30pm – get home to my fur babies & a special gift from roll recovery!! (a hat, stretch mat, lightweight hoodie, & socks to add to my r8 & r3!) 





  • Before my “night cap” – a last bowl of protein ice cream (yes, Bowl #3 for the day) , I had 2 sleep1 and 2 gains in Bulk enzymes (discounts for both available in my store)


  • For my ‘night cap’, I needed some carbs & fats as well to hit my macros:
    • So I melted 7g of coconut oil with 1/8th cup maple syrup & poured it over some apple cinnamon quakes. I put this in the freezer to harden the oil while
    • I made some peach protein ice cream (PES vanilla protein with a peach Devotion flex flavor) – yes I’m obsessed with protein ice cream.

*NOTE: The apple crisp/syrup/coconut oil combo was really tasty !  

TOTAL Dinner Macros: 


  • (Not pictured- I had room so I added in an extra plain rice cake which is reflected in my totals) 


And here is my TOTAL for the ENTIRE day! One of my best yet! 

  • The top of this screenshot is one feature of the app I like– it shows me how close/far I am from my macro goals.
  • The bottom shows my totals for the day so far 🙂


And my fiber was at 40grams! 


I hope you all enjoyed this! Thanks for joining me! 🙂

Feel free to comment with any questions or whatever! I know I eat weird, but that’s the beauty of macros! I just make it my goal to hit my protein, carbs, fiber, & fats each day… & it works!

I’ve honestly tried every stinking way of eating/dieting in the last 12ish years (vegan, paleo, meal plan, whole30, intermittent fasting, low carb, high carb, keto, etc) … And using IIFYM has changed my life in just a few months. I really enjoy food now & haven’t felt guilty in over 4months as a result of food.

I see food as macros nowprotein is protein whether it’s from a plant, animal, or powder … same with carbs from rice or carbs from syrup… or fats from oil or a cookie. Food is just a vehicle of macros.  So why not pick the vehicles I like? :). And I’ve found that as long as I hit my fiber goals (using mostly real food), I get my micronutrients as well – vitamins & minerals.

With the photoshoot coming up in 8.5weeks, I’m interested to see what changes Amber might make (if any) to tone up & be vibrant/healthy for the shoot :). 

Some people do really well with food/meal plans & it works for them. I have just found macros is my preference, and I love that it doesn’t judge ‘foods’ as good/bad and that I can pretty much eat anything I want & still get the results I’m going for 🙂 

Have a great day!


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