2-Ingredient Gluten Free Donuts & Shamrock Ice Cream

I received my 5-pound bag of Gains in Bulk Vanilla Milkshake protein this week & LOVE it!  It has a great flavor on it’s own (I tried it just mixed with water as a pudding & YUM).

  • The macros for a 25gram scoop are 106 kcals: 10g protein, 12g carbs, and 2g fat.  (1gram Fiber) .
  • There are 90 scoops in 1 bag!
  • 1 bag is about $50 when you use my 10% discount code: RebekahC10 
  • Used by Professional teams like the NBA Miami Heat and others.
  • Check out the other benefits of this powder on their site

I see myself using this as more of something I will mix with yogurt, oatmeal, water, milk, etc…. It has been different to bake with so I’ve been playing around with it all week & I am working hard to come up with voluminous macro-friendly recipes (I have a couple ideas already that will be coming soon).  For now, here is one recipe I found that worked in my donut maker! 🙂

Gains In Bulk Donuts & Shamrock Ice Cream

  • Donut Macros: 37kcals -> 2.5p, 6c, 0.4f 


Gains in Bulk Donut Recipe (makes 5 mini-donuts!)

  • 25grams GIB-100 protein powder
  • 25 grams Maple grove farms pancake mix (I think any GF mix would work)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • mix and put into 5 mini donut slots
  • cook in donut maker for 5-8 minutes or in oven at 350 for 10-12minutes

MACROS for all 5 donuts: 185kcals –> 12p, 29c (2.3 fiber), 2f


I dipped mine in my Shamrock Ice Cream! It’s almost March 😉

I just took my normal Perfect Protein Ice Cream recipe and added 2 cups of spinach on top! 🙂 … You could also add some mint extract!


TOTAL Macros for meal! —>>>> 318kcals : 38protein, 34carb (5.4 fiber), 3.5 fat



I also had 2 Gains in Bulk Digestive Enzymes with my meal 🙂

Also I will be at the Arnold Expo this year! I’ll be at the Gains In Bulk Booth! Hope you come say Hi if you are there!








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