Enjoy Life & Gains Donuts

2ingredients, gluten free! 44kcals per donut. These were very fluffy and yummy 🙂 I think I’m figuring out how to bake better with the gains in bulk protein! The protein is pre-digested which is why it’s so quickly absorbable in the body, but also poses some issues in baking with it. But these turned out really well ! 

I made these up after my long run this morning.  On my run I listened to 2 sermons on podcast : The power of potential by Steven Furtick & I want to believe, but.. (pt4) by Craig Groeschel.  Both were so inspiring.  Stevens was about potential & living with purpose.  Craig’s was about why bad things happen. I subscribe to both of these podcasts and they always seem to give me an insight, inspiration, & a way to practically apply the Word.  

Here’s the donut recipe! 

Recipe & directions (makes 5 mini donuts): 

  • 20grams gains in Bulk protein powder
  • 40grams enjoy life Gf waffle mix 
  • 1/3cup water 
  • Mix & cook 5-7min in donut maker. 
  • Enjoy! 

Macros per donut: 46kcal: 2.5p, 7.5c, 0.5f 

Macros for all 5:


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