2-ingredient Protein waffles & w/vanilla chocolate chip frosting; a little tangent on macros/health; & reverse diet update 

This post is kind of all over but it sums up where I’m at pretty well right now in terms of food, fitness, faith. 💕 

2ingredient waffles , gluten free, 260kcals !  

  • Waffle macros: 29p 29c 3f , 260kcal
  • Waffle with toppings: 36p 43c 7f , 379kcals

I made these up to take with me to eat after my morning run & before church today. They took me about 10min total to make (weigh ingredients, mix, & cook). 

What is “healthy” tangent: 

I caught some flack earlier this week in regards to my “what I eat in a day” post about relying on protein powder too much … and you know, at first, I was a little jilted and upset. But, at the same time, glad it made some waves. Yes, maybe I do eat them “too much” , but I’m also the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in my life. I LOVE making my protein powder creations.

My recipes are much healthier than an alternative waffle or donut. And to me, they are a vehicle for my macros. And I feel that as long as I still make sure to get all my fiber from food sources (veggies, fruits), my body gets the micronutrients (vitamins/minerals) it needs & keeps my body’s metabolism running & body functioning. 

In the past, I followed a meal plan & was caught in a restriction/binge cycle. I was frustrated and often felt guilty & trapped. I was incredibly self-focused.  And was eating 1100-1700kcals a day.  

Now, I get to be creative with my meals & each day I like a puzzle – a work of art – to make the macros fit :).  I look forward to eating & baking. I haven’t binged in the past 19weeks & am eating 2100kcals a day (&maintaining a weight that I’m happy at). I’m also working out less (about an hour less a day than I was on the low cal plan) & have tons of energy through the day. 

So if someone wants to say their “plan” is the only one that will work, they are wrong. Even though my diet is not perfect & I’m probably pushing the food rules with my food choices , I’m happier & healthier than when I felt confined to a program. And I don’t focus on me or fixing what’s wrong with me or why I feel guilty anymore. I can live & serve others. 

Here is a pic of me on the day of a photoshoot after a LoNG 16-week prep last year – culminating with a month of very low carb/calories and double cardios. Versus a pic I took today–> eating about 2100kcals a day with a refeed of 2800kcals this past Friday. I’m 3 weeks from working the Gains in Bulk booth at the Arnold’s & 8weeks from a photoshoot.  (For anyone who cares, it’s about a 12lb difference – lighter on the right 🙂 )

Back to the waffles! 

Waffle recipe: 

  • 1.25 scoops (35grams) Devotion protein powder 
  • 35grams Enjoy life pancake mix
  • 2/3c water 
  • Cook in waffle maker! 

Vanilla milkshake & chocolate chip Topping:

  • 15grams Gains in Bulk vanilla milkshake protein powder
  • 3tbsp water 
  • 10g enjoy life chocolate chips 

Waffle macros: 29p 29c 3f , 260kcal

Waffle with toppings: 36p 43c 7f , 379kcals

I had 2 Gains in Bulk enzymes with my meal as well! :). 

Back to the tangent! 🙂 

So, I’m not upset at what I did in the past to try to “get in shape”. I believe it’s that experience that is helping me relate to the pains of others going through or feeling trapped in a restriction/binge cycle. Or feeling guilty about the foods they eat.  There is so much more to life than our food, but I know for certain that when we are healthy & have energy, we are able to do what God has called us to do better. When I’m not focused on ME, I’m able to focus on others – my husband, job, etc.  

Tracking my macros is a discipline that takes about 5-10min a day I’d estimate. But that little bit of time is worth it to me. When I think of “health“, I think of someone who is vibrant, confident, healthy, nice to be around, is fit, & happy with how they look. There are many ways to be this – there is not a one size fits all plan, and I feel sorry for a business that is based on that premise. I have found macros to be what works for me. A meal plan might work for someone else, weight watchers might work for some, and other people can just eat intuitively. Figure out what works for you & go with it, but realize it’s not the only way. There’s more than one way to “skin a cat” if you will. 

Reverse Diet Update: 

Workouts:  I am using the CARVE2.0 workout program for runners.  The workouts are designed to build muscle & burn fat, and they take about 60-90minutes to complete.  (This is a soft launch of this program – check out the link to find out more) ❤️


I just completed Week 19 of #reversediet completed ✅ 

My Weight is down 5lbs & calories have increased by Over 900/day 😲since starting with Amber of ADOFitness 😊 in October 2016. 


➖Week 1 —> Macros were 140p/100c/30f (1230kcal) ➖

➖Week 18 —> macros 145p/265c/57f (2153kcal) ➖

(Macros are my workout day macros, which I use most days. Amber also sends me a set for rest days (lower carb, higher fat) and refeed (high carb/fat) days). ) 

Progress pic (taken 2days after the 2800kcal refeed) :


Long post! In sum, waffles are delicious, I love IIFYM, & CARVE2.0 is now available 💕 🙂 

Happy Sunday everyone! 


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