Protein-Fiber Hearts 

3 ingredients, takes about 5min to make a batch of 15 hearts! 💕🙌🏼 44kcals per candy 🙂 

I’ve been making this mix to help me hit my fat macros (& get a few extra fiber macros as well). These are really yummy! If I wasn’t tracking my foods, I’d probably eat an entire batch. 

You can use any protein powder but I chose to use the gains in bulk vanilla milkshake I have on hand — it’s so good with the coconut oil 💞. (I’m finding that I like using the GIB (gainsinbulk) powder with recipes that don’t require baking as much. It’s delicious but I prefer devotion for baking stuff with).  Both are delicious ! 

Here is how I put these together!

Protein-Fiber Hearts (made 15 hearts for me– but you can just enter the recipe in your macros fracker app, & divide by how many servings you make!) 

  • 50g coconut oil (melt in microwave 30s)
  • 36g gains in Bulk powder
  • 14g benefiber 
  • Mix and pour into heart molds
  • Freeze for 3-5min
  • Pop out of molds & portion out (I divided mine into cups of 3hearts/serving to take with me to work this week) – shown below


Macros per Heart: 44kcal— 1p , 2c , 3.5f (0.75g Fiber) 

Macros for entire batch: 

—- 11grams Fiber 


Gains in Bulk code: RebekahC10 for 10%off ! Their protein is $50 for 90scoops when using code

Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Also I just ordered a new book! 


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