Reverse dieting, Macros, Faith

Reverse dieting & IIFYM : My experience, Science behind it, How macros has really helped me in Life & Faith 

My personal experience: Here is the most recent update. But I also did previous (informational) posts on reverse dieting here and here.


I am 20weeks into a reverse diet, and am so excited about the results.  My calories have doubled and my weight is down 6.5lbs.  I’m beside myself.  I understood the science behind it before starting, but am not sure I would have really believed it until experiencing it.  My goal since beginning with Amber (ADOFitness) has been to have a “fit look” all year and have it be sustainable for life.

In an attempt to find this maintainable balance, I also have developed a healthy relationship with food.  To me this means that I am not scared of keeping foods around the house anymore, don’t feel guilty for eating certain foods, and am not restricting foods because they are ‘bad’.  I do eat pretty healthy – you can see what I eat in a day here! (I have to eat a lot of fruits/veggies to hit my fiber goals).  But, I’m also able to include foods I like now in moderation – like chocolate chips – because I can fit them into my carbs/fat macros :).  I’m not scared of keeping foods in my house (like PB) like I was before – bc I was scared I would eat the entire jar once I had 1 TBSP.. (which did happen more often than I’d like to admit).  I honestly just figured I was stuck in a cycle.  But, in facing my own fear of tracking everything I eat, that cycle is gone.  I don’t qualify food as good or bad – they are just “macro-vehicles” that fuel my daily macro-goals.

I wish I could put this feeling easily into words, but it’s indescribable.  It’s like I’ve had a disease my entire life (or as far back as I can remember) of how I viewed food that is just Gone now.  I’ve been through the pain of trying out every diet/fad/workout and searching for something that would Work and that I wouldn’t stress over… Something that was just me.  I’m not good at intuitive eating, but tracking macros takes maybe 5-10minutes a day (depending on how creative i get with recipes.. LOL) and to me, that is totally worth the lack of stress/guilt I once felt surrounding my foods and diet.

Also — weird side note that I’m noticing — I’m not “judgy” of other’s foods either anymore.  I think I used to feel I was ‘better’ at eating when I was succeeding at restrictive diets, and now I’m much more accepting of all diets and foods.  I’ve been asked a few times about if ‘such and such food is healthy to eat’, and I don’t know how to reply! I just say… well, it can be fine in moderation… or, if you like it, then enjoy it! Don’t feel bad for eating it.  


Here is my NUTRITION and FITNESS plans currently: 

Nutrition: Amber is my nutrition coach. (I do the macro-package with her) —  I am tracking my macros with the  my macros plus app .  If you are attempting a reverse diet, I really recommend getting a coach.  Amber is someone I interviewed for fitnessrx and really connected with her and her story.  I trusted her with my goals.

Workouts: I am following the CARVE 2.0 workout program for runners – 60-90minute workouts (6days a week) designed to build muscle and burn fat. This workout program is free with a $21 donation to A21 – an org. that helps fight/stop human trafficking.


Ok, SO What is a REVERSE Diet? How does it work?


“Reverse dieting is pretty much what it sounds like: a diet turned upside-down. Instead of cutting calories and ramping up time spent on the treadmill, you increase metabolism by gradually adding calories back into your diet while reducing cardio.

Although it sounds very simple, there’s more to reverse dieting than just “eat more, do less.” If you want to maximize gains in metabolic rate without storing a ton of body fat, you must be strategic and patient. This means giving your metabolism time to adjust by making slow, deliberate changes, rather than hitting the buffet every day and cutting out cardio overnight.

By increasing calories incrementally, a reverse diet allows your metabolism to reignite and catch up to the surplus calories. If too many calories are introduced too soon, the body will, in essence, attempt to store these calories for the next time you expose it to an extreme calorie deficit. This can lead to rapid weight gain and potential long-term metabolic damage.3

The psychological benefit of reverse dieting is vast. By controlling yourself and having a structured plan post-diet, it is less likely that you will experience the rapid weight gain and discomfort that often lead to depression and body dissatisfaction. The goal of the reverse diet is to increase calories with minimal weight gain. If done properly, it allows an easier transition from contest or competition shape to offseason maintenance eating.”

(sources:, )


Here are a couple of captions from Instagram that also help explain Reverse dieting:

And this one is from ADO Fitness Coach Jennifer


I hope this answers some questions on reverse diets!



What really matters to me in this process is finding a place where I am not STRESSED over food.  Not having to worry about food has given me an energy to put into others.  I’m able to act on my faith more because I’m not tired from dieting, or frustrated with feelings of guilt.  My coworker has been so nice as to say that I have a new glow about me, which I think is from being able to put my passion into a purpose for Christ with CARVE.  Instead of trying to fit myself into a mold, I’m just being me.

People will say “you should” do this/that or be this/that, but the real calling is to be who Christ has called us to be.  One of my new favorite quotes is “If you take a snapshot of 10 years of your life where you were pursuing God, you will see that you didn’t understand everything during the time, but it all makes sense in the end. Nothing was wasted” … (from a Craig Groeschel sermon).

So be yourself.  God made you to be you.  Maybe I do things differently, but maybe I’m onto something 😉 … Who knows? Only God.  There could never be a more beautiful You.


Maybe this is a little all over the place, but maybe it’s not.  haha.  It’s me though. Hope you all have a Be YOU tiful day!! 🙂






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