Vanilla Milkshake Cauliflower Bowl w/PB and Chocolate Chips

Good Morning! I got new macros from my coach Amber yesterday… I’m up to 2213 Calories a day! And down 7lbs… I can barely believe it.  I remember when I was surviving on 1100kcals a day and working out 3hrs a day.  Now, I’m working out 90min a day and eating 2x as much.  I have so much energy & am so happy with these results that I honestly don’t even care how “fast” I run my half marathon this spring.  Being HEALTHY and not having to feel guilty about eating or constantly being concerned with what I eat trumps every other fitness goal.  I do have a photoshoot in 8 weeks, and am excited to be using CARVE2.0 Workouts to prep for that.  They are 75-80 minutes (plus a 10-15min stretch) long and I designed them as a plan to achieve muscle definition while staying lean.  I am using the runner’s plan. The workouts are free with a $21 donation to A21 ministry.


The photoshoot is for Gains in Bulk, one of the companies that sponsors me.  I really love their philosophy and products.  I used their newest product Agri-Pump in my workouts yesterday and today, and love it.  I’ll keep using & purchasing it.  (YES, I purchase my own supplements – I use my codes/links of course 😉 … my gains in bulk code is RebekahC10) .  And today’s breakfast was inspired by their Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder (super yummy).


Here’s how I made it! The macros are adjustable based on the amount of ingredients you use 🙂

Vanilla Milkshake Cauliflower Bowl with PB & Chocolate Chips

  • microwave 510grams (6cups) of chopped cauliflower
  • put in nutribullet and add 2 scoops Gains in Bulk Vanilla Milkshake powder and 1/4cup water
  • BLEND!
  • Top with 1 Tbsp (16g) PB & 10g (2tsp) Chocolate Chips
  • Enjoy!
  • Optional: I also dipped in a couple rice cakes for a crunchy texture (rice cakes are not included in macros)


Macros total: 36p, 60c, 14.5f & 14 grams FIBER!! 


I also had 2 GIB enzymes with my meal!


I’m still a little baffled by the reverse diet… I mean it makes sense scientifically, but if you’d told me I’d be eating twice as many calories after 20 weeks and working out half as much and down 7lbs, I would have hoped to believe you, but would have had major doubts…. But this is proof that it really works!

Hope everyone has a great week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vanilla Milkshake Cauliflower Bowl w/PB and Chocolate Chips

  1. Hi, Rebekah! And thank you so much for your amazing blog! It is really interesting to read your progress. You look so ingredible! You are a very big inspiration and motivator for many women including me. Are you hoping to go down with your weigth even more or is this weight loss just a temporary phase of this diet? Is there gonna be a phase in this diet that the weight is starting to go up a bit? Hope you don’t lose too much weight so that you won’t be losing your muscle mass, because there isn’t any fat on you to lose from :)… Are you gonna accept to take those 7 pounds back again? I am very interested in how much you weight and how tall are you. Can you tell me your measurements via email? Can you tell me a little bit about your carve-program? I would like to donate a very big amount of money for A21, I really apreciate their work, but I am not sure about this carve, if it is suitable for me. Do you have videos for each moves or how does it work? Do you need to have a gym membership or can you do it at home? I have many diseases which do not allow me for example jump or lift very heavy weights. Is there much jumping in carve? What kind of moves do you have in carve? You have said that there are 5 days a week of this work out. Is each day meant for certain body part or do you have mixed moves for different body parts for every 5 days?

    Looking so forward to your answer!!!!!!

    Have a very nice wednesday, Rebekah!

    Kind regards,

    Laura S.


    1. Hi Laura! For carve info and videos, check out the carve for a21 tab above! 🙂 there’s a link to the YouTube playlist there! :). If you have more questions , you can shoot me an email!

      As far as weight, I’m happy with where we are. 🙂


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