Gluten Free Crumble Topping

This was a sweet crumble topping I made up for some protein ice cream. But it would work as a topping for yogurt or pudding as well. It’s just 3 ingredients and takes about 5min to make.  

The ingredients for the crumble were :

  • 10grams of a Lundberg brown rice cake, crumbled up
  • 10grams of protein powder – I used GainsinBulk vanilla milkshake
  • 10grams of coconut oil


  • melt coconut oil and mix ingredients together
  • Put in Freezer for 5-10minutes (I made some perfect protein ice cream while waiting)
  • Pull out of freezer and break up
  • Sprinkle on top or just eat it plain! 🙂

Macros for topping (will differ based on protein powder): 166kcals – 4.5p, 12c, 11f


Macros for topping and protein ice cream: 28.5p, 15c, 12.5f (286kcals)



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