Reverse diet & training update, “I went WAY over macros-now what?”, & a new sponsor

Well, I hadn’t originally planned on posting an update this week, but I had a couple of valuable insights that I figured were worth the share.  I’m currently 8lbs lighter than when I started this reverse diet and eating 1000 Calories more per day.  I also had a day this week where I went WAY (like 2200kcals) over my macros, but managed it & my body still dropped lbs this week.  I am loving my new workouts – shorter & less mileage – and also picked up a new sponsor this week!  All of this is detailed below 🙂

Upcoming events:

  • Arnold Classic (working the Gains In Bulk booth) in 2 weeks
  • 1/2 marathon (shamrock) in 4 weeks
  • Photoshoot with Gains in Bulk in 7 weeks

Reverse Diet Update: 


I’m 8lbs down and getting ready to start my 21st week of the reverse diet.  Initially when I told my coach Amber about the upcoming Arnold and photoshoot, I figured we might do a ‘cut’ or something to prep for it, but she suggested we keep doing the reverse (which is discussed more in detail here).  I’m so glad I listened.  My body is still somehow losing weight with the added calories and less running miles 🙂  …. Here are the stats:

  • Macros from week 1: 140p/100c/30f (1230kcal)
  • Macros from week 20: 150p/275c/57f (2213kcal)

(the above are the workout day macros I get from Amber, which I use most days 5/7 per week – she also sends me a set for rest days and refeed days)


I am using the CARVE2.0 plan for runners (there’s also a program for non-runners, and an at-home version).  The lifts take about 30minutes (abs included) & and I am lifting as HEAVY and safely as I can.

As far as running, I’ve dropped my mileage by about 16 miles/week since December.  (from 60ish mpw to 44miles/wk).  I’m actually planning to drop them back to 40 this upcoming week.

Here is the schematic I follow with the CARVE2.0 program:


I’m actually happy to say I’m at a point where I am loving my body and energy level so much that I am not focused on hitting a certain time for my half marathon.  I’m just planning to go out and do my best that day!  Where I am mentally/emotionally/physically trumps that goal.  I’ve spent the last 10-15 years of my life trying to find a spot where I am happy with my look AND also have it be maintainable, so discovering I can eat this much and just be working out 75minutes a day is Phenomenal to me.

I actually had a chance to share my passion for IIFYM this past week with some teachers at my school.  I put together an “introduction to macros” powerpoint and shared it here as well for anyone curious about a macro-approach to food & wanting to try it out.


I use the My Macros app to track my food.  In the past month, I’ve been consistently under in my fats and over in proteins, so I focused on adding in more fats earlier in the day this week.  I hit my macros much closer this week (within 5-10grams) than any week yet.  🙂  One recipe I’ve been using to hit my fats this week is the Protein-Fiber Heart candies! 🙂 I’ve made a few batches ;)..

Lesson this week — “I went WAY over my Macros… now what??” :

One thing I’ve found is I occasionally have a day where I just NEED extra food.  Sometimes it fits into my refeed day, but this week, it did not.  I just knew my body needed more.  (I think it’s because I increased the amount of lifting workouts this week & pushed heavy weights – Lifting Heavy increases metabolism, and the breakdown of muscle means you need more fuel/food to repair it).    I fought my body’s feeling because I have the Arnold in a couple weeks and didn’t want to mess up and not look my best there.  But, it seemed like my body was yelling at me for food.  img_7355

Photo — My refeed day macros total 2800kcals — I went 2000 Calories beyond this (4800kcals).


So I did 2 things to manage this overage:

  1. I TRACKED it.  Some people can intuitively eat, and I cannot.  Tracking my overage makes me conscious of what I’m eating and also helps me not go beyond what my body needs.  Basically, it keeps me from just doing a binge.  I’ve found as long as I log my intake on these days, I don’t overdo it.  I stop when I get too lazy to add things to my food tracker app.  My laziness here is a signal to me that my body is satisfied and now that ‘hunger’ is just a craving.
  2. I offset it the next couple of days.  My overage was on Thursday, so I used my rest day macros on Friday (which was a workout day) and also on Saturday (my actual rest day).  This helped me rebalance.  My rest day macros total approx. 2023 Calories.

The result of this was weighing in 2lbs less than last sunday.  So although I’m not sure of the exacts on WHY my body needed the extra, I’m 100% sure that it needed it.  It may be a hormone fluctuation, the new lifting program, a stressful week, or combo of those, etc…..

*This type of feeling/overage has happened about 3-4 times in the last 20 weeks. The above 2 things I did are what I have learned to do for me when I have one of these days.  It’s tempting to get down on myself, but having a strategy like this helps me stay on course.

OBVIOUSLY, going over is not ideal.  I don’t ever plan to do this — these are usually days where I have finished off all my macros by 4 or 5pm, and my body is just needing more.  So, while I don’t hope this happens, this is a strategy I’ve found to be helpful when it does.


I picked up a new sponsor this week – NewZill compression socks.  I own a couple pairs of their socks and love them, so I was really excited when they approached me to ask if I’d like to be part of their team :).  You can use my code “Rebekah20” for 20% off their socks – I’ve added it to ‘My Store’ page.  A pair of socks ends up being approx. $15 with the discount code.


I wore the socks in my run & workout today 🙂


And, for fun, here is my post-run Birthday Cake Fluff Bowl!  360Calories: 30p 30c (4fiber) 12f



Favorite inspiration from this past week (I post 1/day on @RebekahKFaith IG or @RebekahKFit twitter) – Happy sunday!



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