Sunday Funfetti Waffle with Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

237Calories, Gluten free, & 2 ingredients  for this Full Belgian waffle!  It was crispy along the outside, but fluffy and full inside. So yummy! I wish I could go back & eat it again. Lol.

I have a couple other recipes using Devotion protein and Lions choice pancake mix, but this is the best yet!

It has the best macros and Waffle structure – it came right out of the waffle maker without tearing at all :).

The recipe is really simple!

Ingredients & Directions: 

Toppings (optional):

I topped mine with 51grams of Eat Enlightened Triple chocolate ice cream & some Walden farms syrup!

So the TOTAL Macros for this meal: 

I also had 2 Gains in Bulk Enzymes with my meal – code RebekahC10 saves you 10% on these. You can follow the link here to read the benefits of digestive enzymes & to purchase some  🙂


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