Update: Reverse Diet, Training, New Goals

From right before the start of my reverse diet -25weeks ago! ➡️ to this past weekend. The first pic on the left was taken 2days before my npc show in October.


My goal when I started with Amber Fokken was to stay in the current shape while increasing my calories (& metabolism) to a level that is sustainable as a lifestyle.

  • I finished my NPC show prep eating about 1150kcals a day  & working out 90-150min/day. My calories are now at 2416/day & I’m working out about 60-70min/day.
  • My running mileage has gone from 60miles/wk to 25ish.
  • I’ve actually lost a few pounds in this process too. About 5lbs.

–To read more about reverse dieting, you can check out my posts here and here  for some of the science behind it–


I don’t have a show lined up to prep for (yes, it feels weird) & I don’t have a race to train for. My motivation right now is to enjoy a healthy lifestyle & stay in the current shape.

  • Lifestyle workouts: I love to train/lift/run & I am using the CARVE2.0 workout plan and lifting 5-6days/week with 20-30minutes cardio (2-3mile run) after the lift.
  • Lifestyle Nutrition: I’ve found a good rhythm with Macro-tracking & using @my.macros daily with the macros I get from Amber each week  I am definitely not perfect in doing macros, but I get better each week. I am consistent 90%of the time in hitting close to the macros & learn from the 10% when I screw up.
    • I have found most of my mistakes are due to training/running more than I need to stay balanced.  I started realizing this was the cause of my overages in December and that is when I began to cut back in the amount of running I was doing. 
  • To see the supplements I use, check out my page here.  Even though I am an “athlete” for several companies, I still purchase my own supplements so I can honestly promote the ones I am willing to purchase (I do use my own codes/affiliate links of course) 🙂

I really have no clue what or if I’ll train for a “fitness” event again at this time. I’m taking a step back for now & seeing what passion is still there (if any) after sustaining this for a few months.


I’ve pushed hard to do well in sports/fitness my whole life & kind of jump from 1 event to another without stepping back…. So much of myself has been wrapped up in fitness & athletics that I’m really not sure who I am when I’m not pursuing a fitness/sports goal.

In thinking about it, this reverse diet has also paralleled a peeling back of layers to what motivates me. I’m grateful for this process, am amazed at how much I’ve changed in 24weeks, & am excited to see what is next.


💛 “to go somewhere else, you have to leave where you are” 💕



On that note, I have started taking a guitar course.  It’s difficult to learn a new skill, but I’m looking forward to practicing and learning how to read and play music.  The guitar course I’m taking is with Jean Welles called Worship Guitar Class. My goal as I start this course are just to practice 10-30minutes a day and learn to play a song or 2 by May.



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