Update: From Reverse diet to Maintenance, New Running Goals & Coach, Post-workout Waffle Recipe

It’s been a little while – over a month and I’ve learned quite a bit over that time with regards to food, workouts, and reaching a maintenance phase. 

Reverse diet into Maintaining 

 Most girls who do reverse diets are competitors– which is where my reverse diet started — so their goal is to increase their metabolism in order to get ready to cut again for another show. My goal was to maintain from the show while gradually increasing my metabolism back to a level where I could maintain my “fit” look as a lifestyle, not a look that I only had in a peak week for a show or on stage. – you can read more about the process here

This is where I was mid-march:

And here today: 

I had a few missteps – trying intermittent fasting (did not work for me – I started putting on weight), a different style of lifting (more bodypart lifts vs full body) , & not having any fitness goals. 

I took a break from doing macros with Amber but am back to getting those from her again today. The macros I’ve found to be working for me the last 2weeks are 150p/225c/50f.  And I also shoot to get 30-40g of fiber from fresh foods. I use the my macros plus app to track. My goal is to now find a set of macros (with Amber’s help) that is a set I can use for life. 

Running Goals, new coach, Workouts 

When I was without a fitness goal, I just felt very blah and not myself. Something about having goals just gives me life and energy. So instead of trying to fight it, I decided to set some that wouldn’t be life-consuming (like NPC/bodybuilding was for me).  So new goals :

  • Run a sub 44min 10k 
  • Run a half in 1:27 or less (PR)   
  • I thought about shooting for a full, but I think I will save that for when my half time gets to be 1:20ish or faster. 

I sent an email to a running coach who I really admire – she is a strong Christian and is 53 running a 2:50 marathon.  Her name is Susan Loken.  

I just complete my first week with her and can tell that this will help. I’ve always coached myself in running – and I typically just run by feel. I sort of had a Mile amount I’d run that day & just run it. Not pay attention to trying to hit paces or anything.  

I definitely want to keep lifting 3-4times a week because as soon as I stop lifting, my metabolism seems to slow way down & I get soft (done it before). But I also know that when I start pushing for 50-60miles a week, my body starts to get Injured.

 Susan is setting me up with a personal training calendar (she uses training peaks software which is pretty cool – picture below of my calendar and my run for tomorrow) which includes cross training (lifting for me) and will be about 35-50miles a week. 

Full Body Lifts: As far as lifting, I’m using the CARVE2.0 workouts on Sundays, Tuesdays, thursdays. There are 9 workouts, so I’ll just be cycling through those :). Sundays are no running and tues/thurs are just 4-5miles it looks like. 


Ok, so that’s the update on macros and workouts! Here’s a gluten free waffle recipe I made today after my lift! 🙂 

Waffle Ingredients: 

  • 28grams Devotion protein powder 
  • 25grams Pamela’s gluten free vanilla cake mix. (Found at Kroger) 
  • 1/2 cup water 
  • Cook 3min in preheated/greased waffle maker. 



So yummy!! 
I also want to give a shoutout to all the moms & furbaby moms … HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! 🙂 


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