Best Waffle Ever w/Vanilla Milkshake Butter, plus a couple other fun macro-finds!

This is my go-to gluten free, 2-ingredient waffle.  It turns out perfectly every time, is fluffy, and takes about 3minutes!  On top of this is a sweet vanilla milkshake butter (also 2 ingredients!)

  • Waffle Macros: 28p 28c 2f (239kcals)
  • Vanilla Butter: 8p 9c 15f (211kcals)


Waffle Recipe:

  • 35grams (1.25scoops) Devotion Angel Food Cake Powder
  • 35grams Maple Grove farms GF Pancake/Waffle mix (found at Kroger)
  • 1/2-3/4cup water
  • (optional) I also added a macro-free Devotion Flex Flavor (fruity hoops today)
  • Mix and cook 3minutes in preheated/greased waffle maker! 🙂


Butter Recipe: 

Supplements with meal:

  • 2 Square1 pills (multi/hair/skin/nails supp)
  • 2 Digestive Enzymes/Probiotics


Other Fun Macro Finds! 

These are a couple of products I’ve found that are perfect as a post-workout treat! I keep them in my freezer, so they stay fresh longer. 

  • Protein Bakery 
    • This company has yummy protein treats — cookies, brownies, blondies.  They are not certified GF, but are made with all GF ingredients.  My favorites are the Lemon White Chocolate Chip Blondies, and the Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies.  I suggest microwaving these for 30-60seconds! 
  • Lily’s Lean Machines 
    • I got some of their cookie dough balls to try! Funfetti is my FAV by far, but the cinnamon oatmeal cookie dough and cookie dough truffle are close seconds 🙂


Current Macros (I get macros from ADOFitnesson workout days: 145p 245c 57f (2073kcals) 

Today was a cross-training day in my training plan from Susan Loken — I did 4 miles (jogging to/from gym – 2 miles each), then Carve 2 Lift (35minutes)



Feel free to comment below with questions — I’d also love to know what some of your favorite macro-finds are! 🙂 




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