Fluffy Cherry Shortcake Waffle-  Under 250kcals 

This waffle is probably the fluffiest and softest I’ve made (I think due to the coconut flour) but at the same time is also so moist and dense and delicious.

 This “Shortcake” waffle just 3 ingredients, gluten free, and 210kcals

^^^See the texture! Yummmm. I also saw a friend post about this sugar free cherry pie filling she found at wal mart market, & I was super pumped to find it at my Kroger today– they made the perfect topping for this waffle! 

Its like Cherry 🍒 Shortcake! 

Macros: 241kcals—>> 29p 22c 4.6f (5g fiber) 

Waffle Recipe:

  • 35g Devotion Angel Food cake protein powder (if you use a diff powder, you may need to add 1/2tsp xanthan gum or egg to bind it. Devotion has xanthan in it) 
  • 14g Coconut Flour 
  • 6g Powdered peanut butter (pb2)
  • 3/4c water

Mix & cook in preheated/greased waffle maker! 

-> topping: 1/3c (85g) sugar free cherry pie filling 

ENJOY!!!!! Maybe a couple times! 


2 thoughts on “Fluffy Cherry Shortcake Waffle-  Under 250kcals 

  1. wow! I was checking out your other post and my eyes just gravitated toward this one, lol! Anyway, I’m game for all adventures involving food. I’ve never had issues with gluten although I minimize my intake just out of habit. I look forward to more yummy recipes from your blog.

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