Angel food cake Collagen Protein Waffle (egg/gluten-free) & Morning Bulletproof Vanilla Latte, Running Update

I’ve had to be a bit more efficient with my mornings this week, and have been whipping up this frothy vanilla latte and fluffy angel food cake waffle as a post-workout breakfast to-go! I finally nailed the angel foodcake waffle — meaning it was a Full waffle and fluffy with a little crunch around the outside AND great macros!  It’s egg-free and gluten-free too, and just 5 ingredients (I know- a little more than most of my recipes… but the extras were needed to make it come together).


Macros for the Waffle:  36p, 23c, 3f (255kcals)



Angel Food Cake Collagen-Protein Waffle Recipe (latte recipe below):


I’ve also been having this same latte all week! It gives me really good energy throughout the day, and I haven’t been ravenously “rungry” (hungry from runs) after working out either!

32oz Latte Macros: 10p 13c 16f (237kcals) 


Vanilla Bulletproof Protein Latte Recipe: 



I am loving working with a running coach (it’s been 2 weeks) and I keep surprising myself with what I am capable of.  Susan has given me workouts to hit certain paces in 2 of the past 4 runs, and I’ve actually run faster than the prescribed pace!  I’ve set some new running goals with her and am excited to pursue them.  I’m not ready to share them with the world yet, but she knows them and is going to help me accomplish them.

Here is my workout stats from this morning’s fartlek run! 🙂


I’m also doing 3-4 CARVE lifts a week, which coach is also a fan of — full body, functional workouts.

Hope everyone has an AWESOME DAY!!!


and Baxter is guarding my new Nike’s ! The Lunar Glides are great for me



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