25kcal, 2-ingredient Gluten Free Donuts

It’s Friday night ! Happy weekend! This is a little peek of how I’m prepping for my long Run tomorrow. 

Healthy Donuts, a little reading, & some roll recovery with my R8 roller

  • These fluffy donuts are gluten free & just 2ingredients 
  •  And macros per donut are 3p 2c 0.5f  (25kcals) 
  • My recipe makes 7mini-donuts, & I’m eating all of them!

Donuts recipe:

Mix the following ingredients:

  • 18grams of coconut flour 
  •  1scoop (28grams) of Devotion protein powder
  • And enough water to make a pudding-like batter 


  • Preheat and grease donut maker — this is the one I have
  •  portion batter into 7mini-donut slots in donut maker & cook for 3-5min. 
  • (You can also bake in oven – in donut or muffin pan – for 10ish minutes at 350). ,

Top with what you want & enjoy! 

Macros for 1 and for all 7:


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