Gluten Free Protein Pancakes


Yessssssssss! I did it!! This is the first time in life I’ve ever made pancakes successfully! These are fluffy, gluten free & delicious! They just require 5 basic ingredients (plus cinnamon and water) … I might be addicted to them…

img_0803Macros for the batch of pancakes : 20p 30c 8.5f (277kcals)

RECIPE (makes 7 pancakes) :

  • I used a nifty little silicon pancake flipper to help me (found on amazon)


  • 40g Oat flour (I used @bobsredmill ),
  • 1tsp baking powder,
  • 10g protein powder (I used devotionnutrition ),
  • 1 egg
  • 30g pumpkin,
  • cinnamon sprinkled in – about 1tsp,
  • 1/4cup water,
  • mix & make


  • My Topping (not included in macros) – 1tbsp PB2 mixed with 2-3tbsp water, 5g gainsinbulk vanilla milkshake protein and 2-3tbsp walden farms maple 🍁 syrup
  • Morning ☀️ supplements: 2 Square1 multis & 2 Digestive enzymes – both by gainsinbulk – code RebekahC10 for 10%off

Bonus:: This recipe also makes 12 mini-donuts! 




8 thoughts on “Gluten Free Protein Pancakes

    1. Haha- I get that. I do gluten free Bc gluten causes my misophonia to flare up (I blogged about it a while back). But Devotion protein has been a godsend! It makes all my protein waffles and donuts really fluffy! I miss bread occasionally, but am getting used to this way of eating now and enjoying it!

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