UCAN Gluten Free Waffles & protein ice cream, 10k tomorrow

Happy Friday! I’m racing in a 10k tomorrow & am excited/nervous. I’m not as experienced running & am still finding/establishing pre-race rituals, which can be beneficial for decreasing anxiety & help you perform better.  There are 3 things I’m paying attention to this race so I can see how they fare & either keep or modify for the next one. They are:

  1. Nutrition – what I eat the evening before & also the morning of (yummy recipe below that I hope brings me fast feet!) 
  2. Visualizing– seeing the goal paces/times on my watch 
  3. Pre-race warmup -my coach Susan has one for me to do 

Flat Runner: Here’s what I plan to wear/bring tomorrow (besides the waffle which I just ate):

As far as race day nutrition, I’m not sure if I’ll do Ucan powder or a bar in the morning. I’m leaning to the powder because it’s worked so well for me on my long runs so far. And I’m bringing the shot bloks as a just-in-case gel. 🙂 

What is UCAN? Below pic is a little from their website.  You can read more there: https://store.generationucan.

Evening before Nutrition : Gluten Free UCAN waffle with protein ice cream 

  • this is a 3ingredients waffle- & was SO SO good!! I fought myself from devouring it because it was so delicious that I wanted it to last as long as possible. :).  
  • Waffle macros: 10p 49c 5f — higher carb to make sure my glycogen stores are full for tomorrow 


Waffle Recipe: 

  • 1scoop Ucan superstarch powder
  • 38grams maple grove farms gluten free pancake mix 
  • 1egg
  • 1/4cup water
  • Mix and cook in waffle maker! 
  • My toppings:  10g white chocolate chips, 2tbsp PB2 mixed with water and Walden farms syrup 
  • Perfect Protein ice cream recipe is here — and I mixed in 1tbsp of dark cocoa powder
  • I also had 3 Gains in Bulk digestive enzymes with my meal to help my body digest it all and be able to use all the nutrients for race day tomorrow! 

Waffle macros: 10p 49c 5f (284kcals)

Total macros: 40p 66c 11f (530kcals)

I really hope this recipe brings me energy & fast times for tomorrow because it’s so good 🙂 

  • I’ll be sure to update here and on IG how race day goes 🙂

Here’s a note I saved from my coach for encouragement tomorrow:


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