FlapJacked Review, Egg substitute, and 2 Gluten/Egg-Free recipes: Protein waffle and Donuts, Macro/Training update

Good morning!  I got in my shipment from Amazon which had Gluten-free Flapjacked Buttermilk Pancake/Waffle mix and also Namaste Egg substitute.

  • I got the mix because I used to like the non-gluten free mix from them (you can read about why I eat gluten free here).
    • My review so far– this mix is really good! the buttermilk flavor is really nice, noticeable, and the texture of both the waffle and the donuts is a soft and dense texture that just seems to be perfection! 
  • I got the egg sub because
    • 1) I hate having to buy eggs for some reason – they are heavy and take up room in my basket…
    • 2) because I can use the fat macros I’ll save (by not using eggs) for something to top my baked items with … and
    • 3) I can make parts of recipes — like if a recipe calls for 1 egg, Namaste egg sub says to mix 6grams of its powder with 2TB warm water.. BUT if I just want to make up 1/2 the recipe (which I’ve been doing), I just have to mix 3g of the egg sub powder with 1TB warm water and add it to my batter ! 🙂

I’ve made a couple recipes with both these items and both have turned out well! A waffle and batch of mini-donuts!



2-ingredient Gluten Free Protein Waffle


Recipe & Directions: 

  • Waffle
    • mix 3g of Namaste egg sub (equal to 1/2 egg) with 1TB warm water
    • mix 1/2 cup (53grams) of GF flapjacked mix with 1/4 cup water
    • Combine above to make batter and cook in waffle maker!
    • Waffle Macros: 20p 25c 3.5f (213kcal)
  • Topping: 1 tbsp white chocolate chips and 1/2 cup sugar free cherry pie filling
    • Macros with topping: 20p 46c 7.5f (336kcals)


4-ingredient Protein Donuts and Vanilla Glaze: 


Donuts Recipe and Directions (makes 7 mini-donuts):

**recipe adapted from Jennifer Binder’s donut recipe here 

  • Donuts:
    • mix 1/4 cup water with:
      • 1/2 cup (53g) Flapjacked mix
      • 1/2tbsp bulletproof mct oil (any oil or nut butter would work)
      • 1/4cup applesauce
    • mix 1tsp (3g) egg substitute (equal to 1/2egg) mixed with 1TB warm water
    • Combine above ingredients
    • Cook in mini donut maker (this is the one I have) for 3-5 minutes or cook in oven at 350 for 10ish minutes 🙂
    • Donut Macros (entire batch): 20p 32c 10f (302kcals)
  • Topping:



Macros/Training Update: 

  • Current macros: personalized (approx 1800-2000kcals with 145ish grams protein/day)
  • Current Running plan: training for a half marathon PR later this summer and I have a training plan from Coach Susan Loken designed to help me build strength/speed and endurance.
  • Current Workout/lifting plan: I just created a new one for myself that I’m test-running starting this week, but the one I’ve been using since last October is CARVE for Runners. 




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