PB& J Protein Waffle

Instead of post-workout shakes, I do post workout “bakes”? 😋 Mostly because I’d rather eat my calories than drink them!

This is a 4-ingredient gluten free & egg-free 250kcal protein waffle

  • macros – 31p 23c 4f (251kcal)


Waffle Recipe:


Mix the following:

  • 26g (1/4c) flapjacked Gluten free pancake mix (you could use any GF pancake mix, but this one is my favorite right now!),
  • 1 scoop protein powder (I used devotionnutrition  angel food cake)
  • 7g (1tbsp) arrowheadmills Coconut flour,
  • 3/4cup water,
  • in a separate bowl, mix 6g (2tsp) namastefoods Egg substitute with 2Tb warm water, then add to above mix (you can also use an egg or egg whites here, but will alter macros)
  • pour into greased/preheated waffle maker & cook 3min
  • toppings (not included in macro total above) I used:
    • 2tbsp Pb2 mixed with water and @waldenfarmsusa Strawberry jam
    • Or, I used this same waffle recipe and added it to my perfect protein ice cream for extra protein macros! 🙂


  • enjoy! ☺️ please tag me if you use any of my recipes ! It makes me smile

I also had 2 gainsinbulk digestive enzymes & 2 Square1 supplements with meal – code RebekahC10 for discount




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