Snickerdoodle Oatmeal Gluten free Protein waffle, & a macro-update

There are 2 DAYS of school left until summer break here! I put together a waffle this morning to celebrate and it turned out really well – tastes (& smells!) just like a snickerdoodle.  It is really dense and fluffy (I’m eating this btw as I’m writing… LOL – hence the present tense!)  And it’s about 10x the size of a snickerdoodle cookie 🙂  .

  • This waffle is gluten free, and just 5 ingrededients plus water.  
  • Macros per waffle: 38p, 27c, 9.7f (349kcals)


  • I also had 2 digestive enzymes and a square1 (multivitamin) along with my waffle! (code RebekahC10 saves you 10% on all gains in bulk products found here




Preheat and grease waffle iron. Mix together the following: 

  • 40grams gluten free flapjacked pancake mix (found on amazon)
  • 15grams gluten free oats (found at kroger)
  • 1 egg
  • 20grams PES Snickerdoodle Protein Powder
  • cinnamon (as much as you want – I just kind of sprinkle a bunch on top)
  • water to make a smooth pudding-like batter

Pour mixture into waffle maker and cook 2-3 minutes! 

I topped with walden farms maple syrup. 

ENJOY!!! Please tag me on IG or FB if you try it! I love knowing you liked the recipes and reposting you! 🙂 


Mini Macro update as well!


I’m maintaining the look I began with at the start of my reverse diet with Amber and ADO fitness, which was the goal from the get-go! 🙂

I am currently still working with ADO Fitness; however, I do have a new running coach and cannot keep affording both.  So I’m preparing myself to leave ADO (so sad – I do highly recommend them for anyone looking to compete, reverse diet, or learn how to do macros), and figuring out how to manage my own macros.  The biggest thing I’ve found is just tracking is key for me.  It keeps me from overdoing it on days when I’m really hungry, and helps assure me that I’m getting the protein and fiber I need.

In the long run — like eternally speaking — I know that what I look like is not super important, but I do know that being healthy and fit allows me to do on earth what God called me to do.  Learning how to do macros has helped alleviate the stress/anxiety that I had surrounding food.  I’m no longer scared of binging or scared of keeping certain foods in the house for fear of binging like I used to (1 tbsp of PB would lead to 1/2 a jar! or more…).  Because I’m fueling my body what it needs, my body and brain don’t feel restricted so there is no need for me to have that feeling of “letting go and splurging”.  I eat what I want, and just make sure to track the portions and stay within my calories for the day.

In all honesty, I don’t hit my macros daily and don’t want to have the stress tied to being exact on a daily basis.  So I make sure I hit 130-140grams of protein and 35-40 grams of fiber from foods (basically this goal just ensures that I’m going to be getting a good chunk of my carbs from nutrient-dense sources like veggies and fruits… (mostly zucchini LOL – I eat those raw – about 5-6 a day).  And then I make sure to stay within 1800-2000kcals. So I sort of let the carbs and fats choose themselves — some days I want more carbs and some days its fats, so I try to listen to my body and fuel it with what it needs.

As far as refeeds go, I typically have 1-2 days a week where I am REALLY hungry, and I will allow myself to add in more carbs and fats and try to stay under 3000kcals.  I’m usually not as hungry the next day so I tend to balance it out, where my average for the 2 days is about 2300-2500kcals over the 2 days. And this seems to be working well for me. 🙂

I think what this process from October-June has taught me is that there are a number of ways to hit your fitness goals, and being consistent with what works for your life is what you need to stick with in order to make a change that will last a lifetime.

I love using macros, getting to create my own recipes (and share them), and putting my macro-puzzle together each day.  My body loves it, and mentally I am confident that I can do this for life.  And, in doing so, I can focus on what really matters in life — my husband, my job, my other goals, family, etc…  The focus that was once on me & my food can be averted to what’s more important, what will make a difference in this life and the one to come.  


Hope you all have a terrific DAY!!! 

  • if you ever have any questions about ADOFitness, my running coach, macros, etc… feel free to email me: ! 🙂



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