Big Cookies! Gluten free protein cookies 

These turned out so well! Soft, gluten free, protein cookies that you can add to & personalize!  I made a snickerdoodle version here so I could see how the base recipe tasted & the macros per cookie in the base 🙂

Macros per cookie: 141kcals– 16.5p 8c 4.8f (3grams fiber!) 

Or 170kcal variation with M&M’s

  • I was inspired by BigMans World copycat Lenny&Larrys cookies but modified the recipe to have better macros 😉 
  • Check out his page for awesome & easy recipes– you can also find the vegan version of this cookie on his page

Big Cookie Recipe– Makes 4 Cookies!:
Base Cookie Ingredients:


  • Preheat oven to 350 & grease cookie sheet
  • Mix together ingredients
  • Divide batter into quarters
  • Roll dough (add in mix-ins, etc)
  • Press to flatten to desired thickness (see pic in snickerdoodle variation below)
  • Cook for about 10min
  • Enjoy! Refrigerate the extras!

Snickerdoodle variation- adds 0 macros:

  • I mixed together some cinnamon and stevia and took cookie balls, flattened them in the 


Super yummy!!! Perfect for breakfast or a snack! 🙂 

Macros for all 4 Snickerdoodle cookies–

You can alter the flavor by using a different flavor of protein and by topping with something else! 

Here’s a recipe card you can save! 🙂


Please tag me if you try this!! I love seeing them! ❤️ And try to repost as many as I can in my story or on my page ❤️ 


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