Spaghetti Squash Waffle – Fun & Easy way to get daily Veggies in for adults & kids! 

This waffle is 232kcals, gluten free, 3ingredients, & can be savory or sweet! And Bonus- it has 1/2 of the daily recommended amount of vegetables an adult should have a day (more than half for kids!) & its such a fun way to get them! 🙌🏼 

As a middle school teacher, I understand that getting kids to eat veggies is not easy. But this waffle makes them look way more exciting :). And it’s also easy to make 💕🙌🏼

Macros for the 232kcal waffle: 18p 25c 7f 

Like all veggies, spaghetti squash has a bunch of benefits! I found these on the science of eating

Note: To prepare the squash,

  •  I just sliced one in half (or you can poke holes in it), and baked it for 50-60min at 280F
  • You can also cook one in a microwave for 7-15min (depends on size). 
  • Then I just spooned the seeds out and the squash ! (It comes out like spaghetti) 

Waffle Recipe:

Preheat and grease waffle maker. 

Mix together the following ingredients:

  • 1egg
  • 180grams (1 heaping cup) of squash
  • 30grams of “complete” pancake mix –– I learned this term at the store today and it just means that the mix only has to be mixed with water to make pancakes — I used Bombtastic Blueberry SlapJacks Mix for the one in the pictures here, but any complete mix should work, gluten free, if desired. (My code for Slap products is REBEKAH) (TBH, I think protein powder would work too if you want to keep carbs really low)
  • 2Tbsp Water

Mix with a spoon and pour into waffle maker. (I did Not blend it)

Cook for 2-4minutes. Enjoy!!💕 I topped mine with some fat-free rediwhip for Social media, & then for me 😂💕

Tag me if you try! @RebekahKFit

How I actually ate it 


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