ADOFitness graduation 

Hi All! Happy 4th of July!  This is kind of a sappy post FYI as I kind of said “goodbye” to Amber, my nutrition coach that I’ve been with the past 9 months.  I am truly grateful to have found her last summer, and had her as a coach.  We emailed back and forth this morning, and decided this is more like a ‘graduation’ from ADO because I’ve learned so much during my time with her doing the reverse diet, developing a healthy relationship with food using macros, and finding a good maintenance level of macros/calories where I feel I am happy/energetic/healthy.

STATS: My weight is down about 3lbs (remember I started on a peak week for an NPC show where I was depleted/dehydrated), and I’m eating about 1000 kcals MORE/day than I was last October.



Stats from above picture are still the same, but here was today’s check in (check out?) photos:



During this last month with Amber, I was preparing myself to go at it on my own, but knew I had her there as kind of a safety blanket in case I needed it.  I’ve felt really comfortable the past 4 weeks and just knew I was ready to move on.  And, come to find out, this was Amber’s goal from the get-go! “I am a big advocate of everyone learning to eat intuitively and do this on their own and if you learned ANYTHING from me than I consider that a win!”

I’ve blogged about my reverse diet and journey with macros quite a bit, so I’m not going to go in-depth here, but I am just going to do a quick recap my experience with Amber because I do highly recommend her to anyone looking for a nutrition coach, to do a reverse diet, or looking to compete. And I think my experience a good reflection of how she is as a coach.  I’ll also share where I’m at with my current macros and what new goals I’m moving towards!

PHOTOS from October 2016 to July 2017


Meeting Amber and my Decision to Start with ADO:

Before I began with Amber, I actually found her and Brandan (her husband) on Instagram. I read a bit about her journey on her blog, and reached out to her to possibly interview her for an article on FitnessRXwomen. Check out the interview here!

I was with another training team at the time, but just really connected with the binge/restrict cycles she described, and loved the reverse diet before/after she shared in her FitnessRX article interview with me.  I emailed her a couple times, and she answered my questions I had and I just felt I could really open up to her and trust her with my goals of leaving competing and being healthy and fit in my day-to-day life, AND have energy.  So I signed up with her to start my reverse after my last NPC show last October.

At that time, I was eating about 1100kcals a day and very low carb.  Amber worked with me to gradually increase my macros each week up to a level that is healthy and maintainable!  The first few weeks were NOT easy.  Everything in me wanted to splurge after the show like I normally did, but I knew this was a chance I was getting to get OUT of the cycle (where I felt I needed to restrict) and move onto a normal, healthy, lively life.  I had a few slip-ups, but Amber was really helpful in helping me pick up and keep going so the mistakes weren’t deadly.  Whenever I emailed Amber, she always responded within a day (usually within a couple hours)! It was really personalized in that way, and I never felt alone in the journey.

IN SUM: I am really grateful and pleased with the experience I had with ADO, and am excited to stay in touch with them.  I know I can always return in the future if need be! 🙂


NEW GOALS and Where I’m at with Macros/Tracking:

  • As far as fitness stuff, I’m now fully committing to running and will be working with Susan Loken! I will be using her running plan along with my Carve Lifting plan for runners. 
  •  I just love running and want to see where that passion can go with good coaching/leadership.  My PR’s in the past were a 3:11 marathon and a 1:27 half marathon, and I’m working right now to get that half time down. I PR’d this past June in a 10K – 40minutes!
    • I have 2 half-marathons and a 10K I’m planning to run this fall with the goal to improve on both of those PR’s.  TBH, I have some pretty lofty goals but only Susan and my husband knows those for now :).
  • As far as macros: I am more relaxed and intuitive with my macros and use them as a guide.  It might be a personality preference, but it’s what I’ve found works for me.  My “macro goals” are still set in my app, but I am at a point where I am OK with missing my goals by 10-20grams as long as I am still near what my daily calories should be.
    • I’ve found that if I am tracking everything I eat, I stay aware of what I am eating (no mindless eating) and am usually close to my goals anyhow!  I pay attention to how I feel as I eat and also in my workouts. My goal is to simply feel good and energetic, and the more I get in tune with that, the more my body seems to want to keep feeling better and craves the foods that make it feel good.
    • The macros sets I’m using for now are: 120-150p 250-300c 40-50f (with about 40grams fiber goal) — my calories are about 1850-2000/day. Macros will vary for each person.  I have just felt really good with these the past few weeks and my workouts seem to be improving as well! 🙂

If you have any questions about training with ADO or with Susan, please feel free to contact me at ! 

Hope you all have an AWESOME day and remember to check out my Current Giveaway!




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