Favorite / Failproof Recipes

My blog is mixed in with recipes so I am putting this page together with links to the Best recipes I have – meaning they are my go-to’s and others have duplicated them successfully & tagged me on Instagram (@RebekahKFit) to repost! 💕

As always, these are gluten free, and I try to keep these under 5ingredients! 

  • most can easily be made vegan by using a vegan protein powder & possibly an egg substitute 
  • If you don’t have protein powder, OAT FLOUR seems to substitute well for it (no 100% guarantee, but it seems to work when I’ve tested it)
  • recipes can be made using pretty much any protein powder/ baking mixes — I use SLAP Nutrition products because I like their taste and also think they bake really well compared to other powders – use code REBEKAH for discount 

Ice cream





Donuts (pretty much any pancake/waffle recipe works for these!)





Please tag me if you try or make a variation of a recipe! I love seeing them and reposting when I can!! My goal is to make this blog more concise and reader/recipe-friendly! 💕 


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